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    ^ same as Little Laura

    I think that would be super weird, and uncomfortable.

    for some reason, I imagine a scene out of arrested development when everyone is yelling " speech" for no reason... but with clapping...


    ...I wish there was a full clip of this.. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon Candle View Post
    are all of you guys from Europe or something? its not like the prof's are you applaud your waiter?
    My friends and I applauded a waiter at our local Irish Pub when he gave us a one-litre bottle of Jameson Whiskey in the last St. Patrick´s Day, in which they are not allowed to sell bottles, only glasses (of about 7 fl.oz.). So, the applause was more than deserved.

    Also, when we are in a bar celebrating the birthday of one of us, and the bar gives us a free glass of something, we also applaud.

    By the way, I am from something named Montevideo, Uruguay.

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