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Thread: Careers and F/T

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    Default Careers and F/T

    Looking at jobs, there are several kinds out there, and I wonder...which jobs fulfill us?

    Could it be that the FeTi, TiFe, TeFi and FiTe combo is at the core of what fulfills us? (and I'm sure S/N completes this in some way, haven't thought that far yet)

    What I mean is:

    FeTi: enjoys a job which is people and organisation oriented and allows for troubleshooting in both fields (customer service, managers assistant, secretary etc). It appeals to their need to help people, and can find satisfaction in making things run smoothly as well as figuring out how things work logically.

    TiFe: enjoys a job which allows them to figure things out and troubleshoot, and then make that available to others (project development, research etc)

    TeFi: enjoys a job that allows them to logically solve problems and build something sustainable, which shapes a piece of the world in the way they consider it right to be, appealing to their idealism. (CEO, Computer administrator, etc etc)

    FiTe: enjoys a job that appeals to their idealism, like helping people, making the world *feel* right and using systematizing and the tools available to reach that goal. (working for an organization that supports your particular ideals, consultant to help people sort out their problems in life, inspiring people through the use of media, etc)

    Does this sound right to you? How does it apply to your own career and your level of satisfaction with your job? And potentially, how does the S/N thing fit in?

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    I don't think there is a job that would fulfill me. But that's kinda the point.

    Ti-Ne: Enjoys a job that keeps progressing and evolving. Challenging the mind anew on a daily bases. Close to the persons interests and loves. Nothing repetative or boring!

    I don't really care about making it available to others, the main drive is actuall rather selfish. Personal expansion of the realm .

    So Fe is more like a bonus. But not integral.

    Either way, I don't want to feel fulfilled (in that sense). Because that'd suck too much. If that makes sense to you. But then again, you could say that unfullfillment fullfills me. But that's a matter of perspective.

    Does this sound right to you? How does it apply to your own career and your level of satisfaction with your job? And potentially, how does the S/N thing fit in?

    So, no, not to me although I can see how it could for many other people/types. It doesn't apply to my own carreer in the sense that those are not important factors for me. It's not about making it available to others for me in TiFe but to gain satisfaction for personal gain. So in that sense, Ne fits in for me much better than Fe.
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    When I took a service trip to do work to help the homeless a while ago, the various volunteer positions and jobs in the organizations I helped seemed like the most FeTi things I've ever seen. It involves getting very personally involved in other people's problems, and making their problems your problems, and EMPATHIZING EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EVERY SINGLE DAY. I (TeFi) was so ill-suited to it that I was almost traumatized by the end.

    You hit the TeFi one right on the nose, in my opinion. That's pretty much just what I want. (Sounds very enneagram 1, too... which I am )
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    hmm...i relate to fluffy's ti-ne example but mine i'm sure is also very ne- fi
    i'm a portrait photographer...and i love meeting new people every day, connecting with them in a short amount of time...getting them to feel at ease...comfortable...happy...laugh and generally have fun...i love that i get to be creative...try new things...become inspired by the people i'm working with...and it changes constantly.
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