hello all.
i am a university student studying, among other things (and loafing), language and literature. most of my time is spent with a numbed sort of tolerance in classrooms listening to boorish lectures on the etiology of words or analyzing the components of verse or prose and regurgitating information on what "is" a this and what "is" a that. i understand that the content of the information is important but i have trouble keeping interest within a classroom when i find such an astonishing paucity in its presentation. simply memorizing "fiat lux" as the latin phrase for "let there be light" is of very little meaning to me without a deep appreciation of light and its symbolism, uses, extensions, manifestations in this universe. these perspectives are not focused on in the classroom and i wonder if professors expect us to feel edified by simple definitions. i know i'm not the only one who is asking for "educational reform." this sort of "poetic poverty" within the school system i find not just in my area of specialization but in all areas of academia as well, where i students regurgitate legions of definitions without every feeling the organic universality of it all. does anyone else feel this way? how do you frame your information? how do you organize information in meaningful ways?