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    Quote Originally Posted by Katsuni View Post
    Depends on the college of course, and alot of factors, but I'd not be surprised if cost played a large part of it too... guys are more likely to be expected to go to work immediately out of high school, and aren't qualified for extra bursaries and loans that are female-only.

    Of course, in some places, such as the college I'm at... due to it being a technical arts college, it's heavily skewed to the male side for some courses; the class I'm in started as a 3-13 female-male split, and has since dropped to 2-11.

    Another factor could just be that parents tend to be more protective of their daughters and look out for them more; they're more likely to have savings to put their daughter through college, whereas they'd expect their son to earn his way.

    There's alot of other explanations I'm sure as well, but I'm trying to stick to ones that aren't just "ZOMG GUYS R DUM".
    Definitely true. Most guys I know have worse results than girls also because they are expected to at least work part-time during college. Perhaps this could be beneficial in the long run (I mean, career-wise it has been shown that those who work during college have a better salary), however it hurts people that can't make it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggly View Post
    Despite the fact that this is an article about dating in college, I think it's an interesting topic for this section nevertheless. On College Campuses, a Shortage of Men - Why are there less males than females in college?
    How many men do you see in a bookshop?
    Less than ten per cent of the clients.
    In a hunter-gatherer society, men hunted and women gathered.

    Hunting days are long gone.
    Sport is an illustration of the idle.

    Women take care of their job and their children and their home.
    Sometime they take care of their men, too.
    But not often.

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    i think its great that there are more women...

    means u can have one woman help you with your homework, while u are out with some a different girl...

    i mean, don't say it like that though... hehe

    if a campus has 55% girls, that means that for every 4 guys, 3 gets one girl each, while 1 guy gets two girls.

    Dood, how can u argue with that

    every guy should be getting one or two more calls than the girl while they are out on a date together...

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