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    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    I used to be an SAT prep tutor. My take is that the knowledge base tested by standardized tests of this type is too broad for anyone to realistically acquire if you don't have it already. Basically, I don't think you can study for the test. These are things you learned over the entire course of your schooling and you can't make up for it in a few weeks. But while you can't study FOR the test, what you CAN study is the test itself. Get some sample tests and learn the kinds of questions asked and how they're asked. If you put yourself in the testmaker's head and learn how they're writing the questions you can determine the right answer even if you don't "know" it. Or at the very least, you can eliminate wrong answers which is just as important.
    I think this is wise. Knowing the format of the test and test questions is much more useful than trying to learn/cram all of the knowledge you might need.

    I mean, studying for the ACT? That's kinda a new thing. Maybe? Or maybe I was clueless back when I took it and my peers were prepping for it. When I was in high school it didn't even occur to me to study for it or prep for it.
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    The ACT has geometry and algebra. My geometry teacher was horrible, so I didn't do well, and I never gave enough of a shit about algebra beyond its basic arithmetical advantages, so yeah...

    Other than that, the ACT was pretty easy. Especially the science portion. It was completely laughable; you just had to skim some articles for relevant information to put into their graphs. When I took the test, I was placed in something like the 98th percentile for science, but all it really was was reading comprehension (and not even that, since it was fact regurgitation.)
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    Jesus Beat, we're on the same boat!

    I'm taking my ACTs in June.

    Maybe I'll open a book or something...but then again, maybe not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    Thanks for all that, Halla-man.

    Looks like I'll probably start back at a community college. Won't need an ACT score for that, but possibly in the future, if I transfer to a university.
    Hi Beat; I used to work for a university reviewing transfer credits, including credits from community colleges. (I didn't make the final decision, but performed the first review to get the process rolling.) There were certain community colleges in the area that we had agreements with, whose credits would almost always transfer without problems. However, there were some other institutions that students would come from whose credits almost never transferred. If you can plan far enough into the future, you might look into which universities you may be attending, contact their admissions department, and ask about transfer credits. (I wouldn't trust the community college to tell you this information, since they will want to portray themselves in the best possible light regardless.)

    Sounds like you are taking a wise route. Community colleges are very cost-effective and can be a good move when they fit a student's overall strategy...
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