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    Quote Originally Posted by FDG View Post
    Right, I agree with most of it. I don't think, though, that makes the students less likely to learn. Exams are still really difficult, thus students are forced to learn if they want to pass. Btw, I Babylon Candle, what about places where universities are almost free of charge? My parents didn't have to spend any of their life-savings to send me to university; in fact, I managed and manage to pay all the (small - around 500 € per year) tuition-fees and all my further expenses by working part-time. Actually if I add scolarships and the like, I end up with a net balance of +1000 € a year.
    Im admittedly not talking about modern europe. Its my understanding that in the UK its quite common to have your career be entirely different than your major (less credentialism?). Also, mainland europe college is more vocational from what i hear??? (in which case, American universities can be quite vocational too if you pick the right major: accounting/engineering/etc).

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    In Germany, you do not have to resort to university to become qualified, even though it is a country that demands written, stamped qualifications.


    ^^^ Sorry about that. I'm just sick of people telling me I cannot teach English even though I have five years' worth of experience, a university degree, and good recommendations. Germany you can attend the following institutions:

    - Volkshochschule (approx. equivalent: community college) where you can take continuing education classes in pretty much every subject imaginable.

    - Berufskolleg (approx. vocational school) where you can learn skills necessary for business, trades, etc.

    - Fachhochschule (approx. technical colleges/colleges of applied sciences) where you can study, but it is not like a university degree - it focuses more on the practical application of the sciences or business or other more practical fields.

    - University, which focuses more on the abstract/scientific study of all fields

    - Fernschule (approx: distance learning) where you can either study or learn various different subjects from home while working - you can attend certain lectures or take exams at an institution near you.

    - Technische Universitäten (approx: technical universities), which are universities but they have a different focus, even for other fields like languages, arts and humanities, etc.

    So as you can see, we have lots of possibilities (I have probably forgotten some of them).
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