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    Quote Originally Posted by ayoitsStepho View Post
    When we had to learn about genes, he'd pick a student from our class and have them sit in front of the class. The whole class had to pick out traits in this student, like hair type, chin type, nose and other things. Then we had to figure out what traits were dominant and which weren't. In the end we'd have to figure out how many more children that students parents would have to have until they had a child w/out those dominant traits. Things like that.

    If you make it relevant to the students and really involve them, it makes it so much more fun! If you're teaching at SP students for an example, than we're more likely to wonder off into la la land. For myself, movies were the worst! I couldn't pay attention unless I had a worksheet that I had to fill out as I watched the movie.

    Hope that helps
    Yes, stuff like that. It really gets me interested in what I'm learning.
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    I spy the SP's already have the bases covered.

    Discecting was my favorite thing in Biology, not a bit squeemish at all. And nice to see other SP's post they enjoyed it as well.

    Aside from hands on, I liked the videos we'd sometimes see that did a good job of illustrating how things fit together. I also liked the teachers presentations when that was the case as well.

    I didn't enjoy Chemistry at all...Physics, Geology, Astronomy and plain jane
    Physical Science rocked!

    Biology, uh...only other thought is I had one hell of a time getting my leaf collection done, because everytime I'd go out with the intention to do so. I'd get distracted by something else outside and start doing that instead.

    Like shooting basketballs, or well...I made a B for turning it in a day late. But the one with the greatest diversity and least commonality of the sample group.

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    I don't like hands on. :o

    This is a copy pasta (with a few edits) from a previous post about how I best learn (does not necessarily apply to all ISTJs), but I guess it pretty much covers what you want to know... I think.

    I prefer visual (animation is a huge plus) compared to verbal and when teachers give an outline of what we are going to learn for the day (Global learning). When learning new things (even programming), I prefer searching up google/youtube for video tutorials. I prefer to watch the videos at least once through to get the general idea of the approach, before attempting them myself, sometimes to the point that know it so well that I think I can handle it on my own. However, when doing the stuff myself, I still end up following the videos step by step because I'm not confident enough and afraid that if I deviate just a bit, I might hit a point where something different happens and I can't follow through the video anymore and having to waste my time starting all over again.
    When learning a new concept, I learn better if I'm able to find similarities and consistencies between the new concept and previous concepts I might have learned. Sometimes, such things aren't needed though if it's simple enough for me to draw my own connections. [(Simple example would be e.g. a teacher teaching about Earth and its crust. It'll be easier for me to understand quickly just how thin Earth's crust is compared to Earth if he/she said it's like a grape and its skin than throwing a number for the thickness of the crust and the diameter of the Earth even though the latter is more accurate.)] Numbers on their own don't make sense to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    (4) Don't take any shit. I went back to my high school 2 years after I graduated to visit a few of my favorite teachers before moving out of state. I was appaled how in only two years, the school went from a nice high school in a Northern Virginia suburb, to a bunch of classrooms filled with asshat wannabe gangsters who were walking around during class, talking while the instructor was lecturing, and being a bunch of idiots all together. Marshal your classroom. Be FIRM but FAIR. If the kids don't RESPECT you then you can teach them NOTHING.
    DO THIS. Of all the things you could do to help your students learn(and keep them sane as well!) is to do this. When a teacher is too weak or too apathetic, the class tends to get more loud and out of hand, making it impossible for anyone to learn(or to think, for that matter).

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