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I'm curious, what analysis would you like to go into? Anything more specific? Your question has an Operations Management lean to it, ever thought about starting your own business? Maybe something with consulting?

The last time I got hot for a job it needed someone who would operationalise Human Rights concerns. Specifically, create advice packages for companies moving into specific developing countries, where and how and what to do to NOT breach the various international conventions and covenants, and how to monitor their own compliance. Also the analyst would conduct research to make risk assessments and update the general tools for creating the advice packages.

It was a great idea at the time, applying for that job, but I think I may have to admit a big lack of background in this stuff. I really like the idea, but I'm also being fairly naive about it. So... not yet for the NGOs, I think. I don't yet have the stamina for the volunteering. One day, maybe.

I have actually thought recently about a business as a consultant. Lord preserve me, but an MBTI consultant. Maybe with something about cross cultural communication.