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I have an MA in English, but am not sure what you want to know. Anything in particular?

Do you have an idea of what area of English you'd like to focus on? Writing? Literature? Do you want to teach?
I would like to study or specialize in a synthesis of writing/literature. I supposed that would qualify as creative writing? I do not want to teach.

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yeah, most ppl are clones in the graduate dept's.

but u need the credentials to make your own path

and don't forget, ur professors made a living on following previous schools of thought. they are invested in no change while u are a grad student.

study, finish, and once u get ur own credentials, you can make your own school of thought. using english literature or whatever other synthesis of cultural psychology to set new paradigms in psychology. what matters in the end, is how many ppl you help. even if you have to bypass your professors approval and go directly to the people with books or watever. good luck.
Very heartwarming. That's actually a factor I haven't considered in a long time, being the extremely selfish person I am. I'll remember that one.

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My .02. If you are in a Master's Prograsm, then you'd better know what the hell you are interested in. If it doesn't matter to you, then you are in the wrong degree.

I took 10 years off between my B.S. in M.I.S., and after working for the government for 4 years relaized I wanted a Master's in Public Administration. I love my program. I wouldn't trade it for any other.

So, before you invest the serious time/money/effort in to a graduate degree that you have no passion for, reassess your desires.

ANSWER THIS: "What do you want to do after you graduate?" Your degree should give you theknowledge and opportunity for internships to get there.

Finally, why would you get a B.A. in English if you alreasdy have a bachelor's degree? That's foolish. If you want to pursue English/writing that much, get a dual Master's, or just get a M.A. in English.
Yes, I was actually considering the dual m.a. I determined that to be my most viable option.

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I faced in mnay ways the inverse of your situation. I was an INFP in physics grad school NTJ/INTJ hell. I didn't hate my classmates, I'm too NF for that, but I sure didn't like or feel comfortable with many of them.

It's funny, we have an INTJ at work who started as an english major and switched to physics. As I recall, he hated most of his peers as well.

I want to reemphasize, the kinda schoolmates that you have, well if you find a job in the same field its gonna be pretty much exactly the same kinda people working there as you had in school. So if you really hate these people that much, well I'd say you should find greener pastures elsewhere.
Good point. Why did your INTJ workmate abandon english?