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    I want to make the Super-Nexus of the World, so the right profession is Divine Master.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post
    I agree she has a nice voice, but she seems rather shy at times to speak in front of large number of people. She tends to prefer more one on one conversations, so I can see counsellor as a possibility. Especially with her interests in psychology.
    Recording audiobooks?
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    Interpreter - speak more than one language by any chance?

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    If I recall correctly, you do speak several languages, which would make you a good tour guide, speaking to groups of foreign visitors in their own language. Or perhaps an interpreter in a place like a hospital, senior center, or even the legal system, to help people in need get their point across when they aren't familiar with the language. This would combine language skills with helping people in varied situations, with (hopefully) minimal formal office bureaucracy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Time View Post
    I've met enough ENFPs to know that most you want to be around people all the time. You like people. You like to interact and stuff. Personally, it is difficult for me to comprehend why or how its possible that you like such interactions, but its just the way it is. Moreover, many ENFPs like to read books/poetry. I am pretty sure you like to write and express yourself a lot.

    Based on all of these assumptions (and without knowledge of your previous job experiences or college degrees), I have 2 recommendations.
    (1) Try to get a job trying to help disabled children, or some sort of job to help children or people who've lost their way at some sort of community center.
    (2) Don't get a job, stay home, focus, and write a book, take it to a publisher, and try to make a living that way. Don't underestimate your work, just focus and do what feels natural.

    If these recommendations make no sense, then just laugh and tell me that I'm completely off.
    Work as a counselor for vision impaired people. Many people who are entering suddenly or gradually into the blind/near-blind world need mentors and assistance to keep from getting overwhelmed. Seek out your state's/city's services for the visual impaired and see what can happen for you. You didn't tell us much about your creativity quotient, but how about working in the floral or garden supply industry? Creativity and people skills are a great combination for florists and gardening sales.

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