Recently at work I was assigned a coach.

I am trying to get out my field of expertise (HRM) into a more general, managerial role and I am struggeling. My problem is not with the people I have to manage, but with collegue- and higher ranked managers form other departments who are not able to see me out of my field of expertise.

I was supposed, and got the opportunity, to expand my works to other fields, but due to this problem I am not getting assignment out of my current field. All they are doing is dropping complex (and fun) HRM-issues on my table which keep me busy.

My coach has presented me -after sheís been observing me in meetings- this model of communication, which I was already familiar with but now has new meaning to me -since I now can reflect on it myself-

Communication can based on three things:


Relationship Attitude en behavior

I realise Iím heavenly leaning on my knowledge/expertise when I do business. Due to Te this is presented very strongly to the people I am working with: I present an idea or a way-to-go so strongly it canít be argued. I forget to adress relationship (thatís for before-and-after the meeting) and I am not seeing when other people in the meeting are subtely working the relationships due to the fact that Iím busy solving the problem/issue of business in my head (Ni).

For instance: someone is talking and is being wrong about something in my field of expertise, but other people are letting him talk and seem to agree. They are really not agreeing, but they are listening patiently to later subtely present alternatives. I am not seeing what they are doing and donít wait until the alternatives come to the table and so I am telling the good man he is wrong (Behavior) and why (Knowlegde) -in a nice way, but still-.

My coach has advised me to stop doing this so I donít portrait myself as a HRM-expert. Just based on Relationships and Attitude/Behavior you can succesfully manage almost anything.
I have been trying to not do this for some time, but somehow I and up doing the same old things again.

Does anyone of you INTís reconise this? Did you get over this? Any advise on how I can turn this around?.