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    Default Lawyers, Law Students and those interested

    I'm looking to see who else here is in law school, or involved in the legal system, and how they feel about it.

    If you have any interesting stories about what it's like to be a lawyer I'd love to hear em.

    If anyone is interested in law school and has any questions about what it's like, I'd be more than happy to answer them.

    Hopefully this thread will be able to answer some questions I have concerning convergences between type and choice to go into law.
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    I'm a Law Clerk. If you really want to be a lawyer it's tough getting there. I know some happy lawyers and some very down to earth lawyers. Though law school is long and passing your bar exam will probably make you want to kill yourself. And then there's being an articling student. You get to work long hours on files that other lawyers don't want to work on and pass on to you. For a year (though I'm not sure if that differs by province or state). I guess it's your rookie initiation.
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