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    I'm bumping this because I'm currently trying to write cover letters, and just seem to always end up stuck or not satisfied with the result. Any more advice?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyrielle View Post
    Yes, I hate writing them, too.

    But...I have several "types" of cover letters I use as templates depending on the job type, so I don't neccessarily have to write each one completely from scratch. However, there is a considerable amount of editting that goes on so each one sounds right.
    Yeah, I hate writing them too and I also use templates like you mentioned to help get me started. However, I've found that each job I apply to is different enough that even the template doesn't really cut it so I still feel like I've got to write most of it from scratch for it to be effective.

    I also stumbled upon this blog post about cover letters beginning to be a thing of the past:

    Stop writing cover letters and you'll get more interviews.

    I kind of hope that's going to be the trend because I hate writing cover letters and it feels redundant if its all in the resume anyway. However my job applying experience says otherwise. A majority of the jobs I'm applying to still want a cover letter. If they require a cover letter, I send them one. If they don't require one, I don't.
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    I'm the resume whisperer at work lol.
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