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    i don't remember my scores, but i did pretty bad. it is a wonder i got in to college.
    i do remember that i scored much higher on verbal than math.

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    I got 9999
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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    The SAT was designed to predict how well people will do the first six months of college. I took it in 1977 when no one studied for it so cumulative 1340 was top 2% I got teh same score on GMAT and GRE, all by same company (I think).

    Isabel Myers originally publised the MBTI with ETS, which publishes the PSAT and SAT. In 1963 she found that 82% of the merit scholarships went to Intuitives although the population is 75% S and posited that the bias was in the time limit on the test.

    In the 1990's two researchers at Worchester Polytechnic acquired item-by-tem scores for 9000 students and their MBTI results. They found a 150-point bias against Sensing types and narrowed the cause (when students had taken the same college prep classes) to the guessing factor. You're penalized for guessing, N's trust their guesses, S's second-guess themselves and do worse when they start feeling uncertain...their results never got published because the SAT changed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    That was how I approached it, too. The studying in between raised my score by about 70 points per section. There were indeed a few tricks/maneuvers as a "type of problem" I didn't realize the test was looking for, and studying helped me identify a few of those when I saw them.
    Exactly. part of it is knowing what they look for... The whole test is just a game. I finished high school when I was 16 and took the SAT when I was 17 (that's why my math score was low the first time). Actually, I did not study for reading the second time either. I was lucky I read so much and have a natural aptitude for English because that section was a breeze, especially the vocabulary. I had to study for math the second time even though I had been 2 years ahead in school because I was really rusty with it and was much slower at solving problems (the math is actually quite easy though but math as a subject is not my strongest). I had a friend who was in AP Pre Calc with an A average when she took the SAT and got a 590 on math... go figure.

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    Took it my senior year of high school in 2007 (new test). 2200: 760 reading, 760 math, 680 writing

    All standardized tests are total crap.

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    Took it two years ago, junior year of high school. 2170: 720 reading, 800 math, 650 writing
    Took it a year ago, senior year of high school. 2130: 740 reading, 700 math, 690 writing

    (my math score went down since I put more effort into getting a score of 680 or more on the writing section. That, and math is particularly unforgiving of mistakes.)

    That being said, the SAT is more a test of endurance than of anything else. Can you stay focused for hours on end and not make any mistakes?

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    I did really well on the SAT. I took it junior year in high school. I don't remember the exact scores for each portion, but my combined score was 1490. (old SAT)

    It doesn't really matter though. I got into some decent colleges, but I couldn't afford to go to them, so instead i chose to not go to college for 5 years. I go to community college now, and they don't care about my SAT scores. In fact, they were too old to use, and I had to take the accuplacer test. I bombed the math portion so badly, that i couldn't even get into college algebra. Not sure what happened there.
    INFP 4w5
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    For those who don't know history, it is as if they were born yesterday.

    And interestingly the history of SAT, along with the history of MBTI, shows both found their origins in Eugenics in the United States of America.

    And Eugenics is a pseudo science that wages war on the weak.

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