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    Treviso-Venice-Feltre, these are the three places I'm familiar with, all 3 in northern Italy (let's say I live split between them).

    If you live alone, 800 euros a month are more than enough for Treviso, pretty good in Feltre (you can go out a lot), not enough in Venice (due to transportation problems everything is expensive in there). For comfortable living, if you're single 1500 euros is really good, if you have a family and supposing a single breadwinner it would be around 2500 euros. Let's say that with a 30-33k net salary a year you can live like a king.
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    Don't move to DC.

    Cost of living comaprison

    You'll get paid more for the same job but you'll still end up short $10,000 to maintain your standard of living.

    DC is very expensive. Housing here is comparable to rates in NYC and the SF bay area.

    A "decent" 1 bedroom apartment in a "safe" neighborhood will start out at $1000 but can easily go up to $1400. Car insurance is very high here because of all the break-ins and car thefts.

    The good thing is that the food sucks, especially compared to the bay area and NYC - so you will end up saving a lot of money to make your own meals.

    If you like DC but it's too expensive, look to Philadelphia. Much cheaper.
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    Do NOT move to Jersey.

    I do live in a lovely shore (beach) town so of course the rents are higher, but their not much lower anyplace else and in lots of places higher. (1,100-1600 a month) Gas is cheap, car insurance is the highest in the country. Groceries are not awful in price, toll roads are everywhere. Housing is STUPID CRAZY EXPENSIVE for little to nothing.

    Why live in Jersey you say...well I'd like to be in Seattle WA but I actually do like where I am in Jersey and it's very very convenient to NYC, Philly, DC an even Boston. It's in the middle of all the major cities without having to be IN them.

    Still I wouldn't tell anyone to move here. It's also (I think I'm right about this) the most crowded state in the nation. Whooo Go Jersey!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon Candle View Post
    i would love to start a thread about what the "minimum but comfortable cost of living is" in the avg american city. like as in, "if i live frugally, almost much do i need to make for it to be 'comfortable'/'bearable'/sustainable etc...?"
    Well that's what I'm talking about. I'm looking to save as much as I can. I'll take "comfort" in my imagination, or a walk around the block or something.

    (I guess the crime thing was a good point to bring up. Obviously I don't want to put my life in danger, especially not being used to living in the city at all.)

    Little Lost NF, so New Jersey is expensive no matter which part you live in? I saw a job opening just outside of where 78 and 287 cross (looking at a map).

    Yes, New York, D.C., California cities are what I'm avoiding. Thank you for confirming, people. Just as CzeCze said, I'm afraid I wouldn't be earning enough to make it on my own.

    Philadelphia: I saw a job opening outside the Philadelphia area, just past where 276 and 476 cross. I'd figured the area would be expensive like the other metros around the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

    Cleveland seems cheaper than I thought it would be.

    Minneapolis seems more expensive, though.
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    Netherlands, Hulshorst(Nunspeet)

    1000-2000 euro a month, depending on family size. :P

    PS: Cost of death, around 5000 euro. Depending on wishes.
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    Location - Waking up in Reno

    Estimated living wage - 17.00 + hour

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    Little Lost NF, so New Jersey is expensive no matter which part you live in? I saw a job opening just outside of where 78 and 287 cross (looking at a map).
    Car Insurance is high across the state.
    Groceries and such are expensive across the state.
    Cheap(er) housing can be found, but it's generally either rural and far out of town, tiny, or in a higher crime area. You are not going to find cheap housing in any stereotypical "nice" suburb.

    I can give you specific area to look if you'd like, as a general rule...if you're looking at the map of that area: East, North, and Northeast of that intersection, are all very expensive. Cheaper housing is possible in the Southeast to due West (draw a partial arc and you'll get it.) Particularly Somerville, Bound Brook, and Manville.

    But yes, in total....costs are above average, in the area you're looking at, crime is way below average for the most part, and you get paid somewhat above average.
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    You could find an apartment for anywhere between $500-1500 depending on how nice of a neighborhood you want. The city is absolutely segregated despite being diverse as a whole. This is true with regards to finding stores that suit your needs. You can easily live off of a dirt cheap salary if you learn to shop in the right places. Public transit is failing, and it's $2 to ride a bus or $2.25 for the train, with an extra $0.25 giving you two transfers. Oh yeah, and the sales tax is the worst (and most complex) in the country- 10.25%, or 11.5% downtown. Gas prices are generally shitty as well, they're around $2.80-$2.90 right now.
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    Stats about all US cities - real estate, relocation info, house prices, home value estimator, recent sales, cost of living, crime, race, income, photos, education, maps, weather, houses, schools, neighborhoods, and more

    The above site is great for checking potential housing areas. It gives all kinds of information from housing prices to crime rates to demographics stats, etc.

    From my personal experience, New York and New Jersey are terrible if you want to save on housing prices. I'm thinking of moving out of this area myself, I don't even like it. The great thing is job opportunity though. However I'm thinking of moving to the Southwest (Texas area - mainly cities like Houston and San Antonio, and Arizona). Their housing is far more affordable, and there are quite a few jobs available. In fact, Phoenix, AZ is one of the fastest growing cities in America. The negative side is there's no snow, which I love.

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    Location: Lincoln, England
    Rent for 3 bedroom family home: 495 per month
    Wages for full time worker: from 1000 (minimum wage) to 1250 (average wage) all the way up to big professional wages for doctors, etc Full time = 38 hours per week as per EU legislation
    Cost of week's groceries for single parent with 2 kids: 50 (average)
    Other bills each month: 150
    Cost of meal & alcoholic beverage at middle range establishment: 8 (average)
    Cost of cheapest takeaway meal: 2 (at the fish & chip shop)
    Cost of petrol per litre: 1.03 (currently, fluctuates a lot)

    There are roughly 2 US dollars to the UK
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