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    Quote Originally Posted by Cenomite View Post
    I usually take notes during class, and then use those notes and the textbook to review the concepts. Mindlessly doing tons of practice problems doesn't help me at all. Once I get the concept through other's example, I'm set, period. I usually try a few problems to make sure that I'm good though. I also go to my Math professor's office hours frequently to make sure I didn't miss anything important. Basically: I cram the textbook and class notes.

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    I take notes. Especially during lectures. Depending on the type of class, I may rewrite my notes over and over again (this is useful for dates, formulas, and other small pieces of important information). Or I may read passages from the text and take notes.

    Either way, lots of writing is involved and the goal when studying is to fix the image of the note page into my head. I don't have photographic memory, but what I do have is the ability to compile data and recreate the pages of notes in my head. Since I spent so much time studying/copying my notes, I know roughly where everything on the page was. So when I am trying to remember a piece of information, I draw up my image of the note page I know it's on, attempt to recall where on the page the information was, then recall the memory of what the blob of text looked like. From there, I can usually remember what the information was. If I cannot, I relax and think about something completely unrelated, then slowly work my way back to the notebook image. Sometimes I can recall related words to what I wrote, and finding the right key word will immediately bring up all the information at once.

    Uh, yeah, and while all of this is happening, I don't have any music or distractions around me. And I only stop when I start to feel agitated as this is an indication that my brain has reached maximum information capacity and further attempts to input more new information become counterproductive.

    I also have a couple of rules (that I sometimes bend or break, naturally):

    1. No studying 2 hours before the test. The 2 hours must be used to do something not stressful and generally relaxing.

    2. No taking notes out in class before or after the test. If I do not know it 2 hours before the test, I sure as hell won't know it 5 minutes before the test and looking at notes after the test does nothing to help my grade as it is too late.

    3. No skipping meals before taking the test, and try to eat so that when I take the test, I am in the state of "not hungry, but not full". This allows for the better concentration (seriously, otherwise I end up thinking about food the whole time).

    All that said, I rarely do hours and hours of studying. At most, I may study for 2 hours for a couple of days and then be fine. If I'm really interested in a subject, I may never study at all as I will retain all the information from classwork and reading and taking notes. The whole writing my notes over and over thing is done for really detail-oriented subjects like history where you usually need to remember dates, names, places all in a specific order of events.
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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post

    If you marry later, you have to make sure its a stereotypical ISTJ girl in a black leather costume, who daily awaits your progress report on your math skills in her office
    I already have one of those, my Mom =(

    Although thankfully that's a lot different than a wife
    The probability that I was procrastinating when I was typing this post:

    P(have big assignment due) = 0.6
    P(posting on TypoC) = 0.2
    P(having big assignment due | posting on TypoC) = 0.7

    P(posting on TypoC | having big assignment due) = .......

    Eh, I'll finish it later.

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    --- Te


    - Get book(s)
    - Write notes
    - Recall essential terms, once or twice
    - Practice examination questions
    - Summarize

    (Usually one hour per subject a day.)

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    I don't.


    No, actually, when I study for a lot of things, I read it, repeat it, and memorize it, building information incrementally, one fact after the other.

    Repeat, repeat, repeat.

    It's pretty cut and dry, and takes a while, but I'll memorize everything. Music is distracting, but I can see how it may help people concentrate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverlining View Post
    Not well.

    I never taught myself to study and I feel I half-ass it when I do. I think that my textbooks should be rewritten into Wikipedia articles or told to me fireside as if they are ancient tales, and I'd likely retain more than I do now when I sit down to learn.

    I can't read mass amounts of information of things I don't care about and retain it (if I love the topic, it's a different story) so I try to read over everything, break it down into sections, make outlines, and then make lists. It's the only way I get anything done.

    Oh, and music on in the background.
    This, minus the music.
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    Physics/Engineering: Night before read relevant parts of the textbook, do practice exams. It seems to all come together in the exam as long as it is in there somewhere.

    Maths: Find something more fun to do, study is overrated.

    If it is a subject I'm worried about: work out all concepts from first principles so I get them at a fundamental level. Approach exam knowing I can derive anything I don't see straight off.
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    When I study, I usually hang upside down in the roof beams of my meadhall while I slowly translate the textbook out loud (high pitched screaming) in German. If I really need to learn, I dress out as a Russian hooker on steroids. It makes the studying sessions memorable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matilda View Post
    Music is essential.

    Physics/chemistry/biology: I must read the textbook, understand, what it's all about.

    Fast forward to test day, 'The universe consists of 200 billion stars.. TRUE or FALSE'

    I fail.

    How do you study?
    What exists independently, unblocks.

    Only an unblocked mind can study.
    Music is not sucked up. To learn is not to absorb.
    It is the opposite maneuvre altogether.

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    -I create stupid story that involves the subject. I try to make it funny (to me), because the funnier it is, the better chance i'm able to recall it. I also try to anchor new subjects to things i can remember easy and try to make a story out of it.
    (for example, i picture a number 14, with a pair of new rack looking at at herself on an aluminum, while bleaching her hair with a product called Cl17. Guess what subject i'm trying to remember .)

    -Also I look at the general idea behind a subject and try to understand the overall concept of what its trying to convey. It's really the only way something can stick in my head for a long time. The above method is for remembering detailed facts (names and words that i'm not use to dealing but is an important piece in the overall picture), but not as effective as understanding it indefinenatly.

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