Here are some nuggets I have found useful over the years. I have never spent any significant amount of time having to search for a job.

1. Love your work. Tell prospective new employers that this line of work is your passion. That you could not imagine doing anything else. It is your vocation and avocation--helps if that is really the case.

2. Avoid bad mouthing your previous employer, no matter how bad they were. People hate complainers and whiners. If other people trash your previous employer, you should to rush to their defense. Yes, even if they totally sucked. You new employers are looking to see if you will be loyal. The one exception is if they did something so egregiously wrong that it wiped out any potential benefit from talking them up.

Some preventative care for your career:

Avoid making enemies. People talk. Do you want them gossiping about good things or bad things behind your back? Don't assume you know what is in people's heads. It's wiser to focus on preempting anything your real enemies might be plotting. Why unnecessarily create extra work and have that much more to worry about?

Don't burn bridges. You never know when you might need to cross one or more of them in the future.

Help that helps.