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Thread: The dream job

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    That's funny! Out of my three teaching jobs, I have never had a real interview for any of them. I was approached by them and it all came together pretty quickly.

    I don't know what my dream job would be exactly. Something where I have the change to make an impact on what matters to me. (Probably in the realm of education).

    I usually am very confident in interviews. The way I see it, I want to work for a company that sells green. If I know how to manufacture green, then I will apply or else I may even approach them to tell them about a new shade of green I have come up with that they'll love and that they need desperately. I might even be able to show them how great red is and see if they've ever considered selling it (if that's what I can make) However, if I am a manufacturer of red, then it's really nothing against me if they aren't interested in marketing red. In other words, either I have what they're looking for, or I don't. There is no need to pretend I am anything else than I am, with the skills I have. If they like it, they'll take me. If they don't, we weren't a good fit anyway.

    I think it's the same way with dating. People try to make themselves over into the person they think the other person is looking for. Then after about three months, everyone needs to start the whole process all over again getting to know the person each of you actually are. It's so much easier to provide enough information for people to know if you are well suited and move on if you aren't a match. It doesn't mean you are an undateable or defective person. You are just not the right one for them.

    If you are truly excited about the kind of work you are applying for, that will come through. You will expose enough information about yourself and want to find out enough about the company you wish to work for quite naturally, so it is fairly quickly determined whether you are a match or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IZthe411 View Post
    My dream job would be my former employment at a big 4 firm- smart people, interesting topics, fast pace- but less hours.
    what firm did you work at?? I work at Deloitte!

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    My dream job?

    Easy work, short hours, high pay, quiet environment, short commute, spacious work place.

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    Moved from SJ Guardhouse.

    If you only want SJs to answer state this in the title/OP, otherwise the threads belong in The Channels or Bonfire.

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    For now, running my own business. Which is exactly what I'm doing now.

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    Hobo can-collector.
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    My dream job would not require "selling myself" as I loathe that. I value humility, and my dream job would also. There'd be no game playing and trick questions. Words like "conceptual", "creative", "passionate", "ethical" and "quiet and focused" would be emphasized over "detail-oriented", "outgoing", "team player", and "organized".

    Basically, I usually find the entire interview process phony and degrading. My dream job would allow me to show up to the interview dressed in my style of professional (no faux conservative interview look), hand over my resume & portfolio, and be asked only relevant questions related to actual job skills (no BS like "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" questions). I wouldn't be judged on how well I schmooze, but rather the quality of the work in my portfolio, my proven past experience on my resume, and my enthusiasm for the position. They would let me know at the end of the interview if I got the job or not; none of this "we'll call you for a second interview" crap. They'd also be upfront about the pay/benefits/vacation so I don't further waste my time if it's poor compensation.

    My "semi-realistic" dream job would be a conceptual graphic design position that may include some hand elements (illustration, hand-lettering, etc) and minimal supervision and client interaction. It would be for a topic that interests me (music, art, fashion) and include a variety of projects (print ads, packaging, multimedia, web). I would have junior designers beneath me to deal with more tedious details, and programmers to handle the dull, technical aspects. It might also include copy writing, marketing concepts, and directing photo shoots. It would be in a spacious, colorful environment in a walkable area of a city and have all the latest equipment. It would allow for me to play loud music while working also. I might be able to telecommute on some days too. (Hey, you said "dream" )

    Otherwise, leading some bohemian lifestyle as a writer/artist/musician would be my ideal. Working at my leisure in a loft in a cool city or in some beautiful countryside/sleepy beach town with no supervision, no interaction with idiotic people, and creative fulfillment and satisfaction.
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    I am not sure what my dream job would be, yet.

    The criteria are:
    1. The work is important and advances society as a whole
    2. The work makes use of all my skills well
    3. The work is intrinsically interesting
    4. The work hours are reasonable enough to give me time for family, hobbies, exercise, socialization, etc.
    5. The people I work with are good people, and reasonably easy to work with
    6. The people I work with have a passion for their work
    7. The people I work with would be readily available for face-to-face meetings (basically we are all at the same site)
    8. The work space would be conducive to thought (i.e. quiet) and conducive to communication (i.e. plenty of spaces to meet without bothering others)

    In the interview, I would show my earnest interest in the job, and be well prepared in the background and skills needed for it.

    I am not a big fan of "buzz words" and that approach can back fire anyway. I would simply mention the skills that I have relevant to the job.

    My current job is mildly interesting, and the people are generally good people and reasonably easy to work with. However, the rest of the criteria are not met.

    I suppose my ideal job would require complete freedom...basically a very successful(in that the inventions move society forward) inventor who makes his own hours is what I would want to be.

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    In my dream job I would be my employer. Considering that I believe my chances of getting hired are above average.
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    independent sniper.... or writer.... sniter


    Quote Originally Posted by Nocap
    Quote Originally Posted by laintpe
    Quote Originally Posted by Nocap
    Ideally I'll be the woman

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