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    Default University and "The grass is greener on the other side"

    A few months ago I got rejected from my current university for a course change. It caught me completely off guard as I thought I'd still be able to hang around my friends and everything, so the next few weeks was spent thinking about staying in a course I wasn't so keen on.

    Decided in the end that as much as I liked my friends I wouldn't do well in a course I disliked. So I started preparing to leave, figuring out where to go and preparing my ucas applications etc. As a last desperate resort I applied to my own university since my grades weren't spectular and most universities had filled up their placements.

    During all that time I was upset that I had to leave my friends and desperate to still be around them. Even though I hoped to get back in, I thought chances of that happening was less than 1%. So I'm looking up other universities, thinking about which new environment I should go to and who I shall meet. Few days ago I receive news that I've got an unconditional offer!

    Brilliant news! I can't believe it. My wish has come true.

    At least I thought it did. It's strange but I'm suddenly having doubts about whether this is the right choice to make. I'm thinking that it's because I had anticipated leaving for so long that I had been somewhat looking forward to exploring new places despite the whole friend issue. There's the possability I'm falling into the trap of thinking the grass is greener on the other side, that other universities might be better.

    My university is quite good but I get the impression that the other university is better from general opinion not based on league tables. Statistically my university is top 30 as well for it's ranking subject but it's research department is not that great in comparison. Would there be actually such a huge difference in the teaching quality though?

    Current university
    - Get to be with my friends
    - It's a decent university
    - I already know the environment

    Other universities.
    - Fresh environment
    - Might be better for the course.

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    better for the course.

    you can always come back and visit

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    - fresh environment

    It's fresh

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    Quote Originally Posted by thisGuy View Post
    better for the course.

    you can always come back and visit
    That rarely happens with long distance friendships. Anyhow I'm contemplating it. They're all good universities, just checking whether the modules are suited to me.

    Thanks for the advice.

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