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    Personal preference for a specific type of career:
    For example - I want to become a teacher. It's very well possible that my interest will change.

    However there are fundamental reasons behind my enjoyment for teaching, ones that have existed long before I knew anything about teaching. I think choosing a subject based on those fundamental interests is the best idea as they aren't as changing.

    I reacted very negatively towards the duty comment. Because that's exactly what I had been brought up to do and consequently I'm suffering for the decision. I had a mathematical background, my interest is more in humanity. Technically I could have concluded that my duty was to work in the environmental agency or hazard risk management except I hated the work. I don't think that's a good direction to go down.

    Step 1
    Discover core values.

    That's it really.

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    Default I exhausted my creative energies yesterday. Sowwy.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsWhatHeSaid View Post
    I was driving home today and had some important insights that I thought I would share. Instead of making a selfish post all about me, I thought it'd be cool to have everyone contribute. Your job: list, sequentially, what practical steps one could take to find a suitable career. Also, extra points if you give it a cool title.
    I'm going to answer this but firstly I find being practically helpful such a wonderful thing. Like literally plotting out steps to do something that attains some sort of purpose. My fuzzies are back!

    I found that when I went to career counselors in college there was lots of good advice but no practical way to enact what they said. They said, get your resume out there, network, see what you like but I had no clue how to make that reality. Since I've been working I've found some practical ways to do all those things.

    Even at the job (not career) you're at try to attend professional meetings to literally see what other options there are in the job you're at. You may not like the work you're doing at your job but you may not have to completely change fields to find satisfaction. I've attended more than a handful of professionally related annual meetings and conferences and I actually like the field I'm in, just not my particular job. Practically, this is what I've started doing:
    • visiting professional websites associated with a possible career field, learning who the major players and trying to begin correspondence with them.
    • look at program books from the conferences if I can't afford or have time to attend, just to get ideas and a better concept of what is out there. I'mn looking for specific sessions, what they're about, and who's presenting. My problem is there is so much to choose from, so much to do that narrowing my field of interest is almost overwhelming. Everything sounds interesting.
    • if you're at a conference and there are exhibitors, get a list of the exhibitors, check out their websites and look for possible job openings; also see if you can pass out your resume but do this on the low low if you're at a conference for your job.
    • find backdoors in...a friend of mine got laid off and started volunteering at an organization. Even though they're not hiring money suddenly appeared in their budget to hire him. It's crappy pay, but it's better than being jobless and he actually like what he was volunteering to do so it's mostly a positive gain.
    • Another one is we're getting a new content management system at work and I've volunteered to be the departmental liaison. I've talked to the trainer who's showed us how to use the system and gotten his contact information. He's got a master's in Industrial Education/Information Technology and has learned the computer stuff on the job. I was thinking that I had to know all these computer languages and stuff to even get in the field. While that is majorly helpful it's not absolutely necessary.
    • Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer!!!

    The major thing I've had a problem with is how do I know what I like to do? I didn't know I liked the field I'm in, never even heard of it until I got my job. Don't like the job though. How do I know what's out there? I'm currently toying with the idea of doing cold networking. Since I'm in an area that hosts lots of conferences I've been going to local convention center websites and large hotels (i.e. Marriotts and Hiltons) seeing what conferences are happening and maybe just showing up and talking to people. My first opportunity comes at the end of this month and I'm going to see how I do.

    The difference between a career and a job seems to be how much you enjoy what you're doing. I've recently thought what if I gave five percent of what I do, 90 percent of my ability towards that thing? What kind of changes or differences would I see in that little slice of my life that's getting more of best efforts and concentration? You feel confident in the things you're good at and the things you're good at get the best of you. Maybe if I can expand that effort to a few more areas I'd hit on something that could lead to more satisfaction.
    Relationships have normal ebbs and flows. They do not automatically get better and better when the participants learn more and more about each other. Instead, the participants have to work through the tensions of the relationship (the dialectic) while they learn and group themselves and a parties in a relationships. At times the relationships is very open and sharing. Other time, one or both parties to the relationship need their space, or have other concerns, and the relationship is less open. The theory posits that these cycles occur throughout the life of the relationship as the persons try to balance their needs for privacy and open relationship.
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    the problem is the word "career" to begin with..... people have such strange notions of Professions these days. I don't think there's but, maybe, 4 people on this forum that know what is refered to by "career". Silly post modernists

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    I never thought about my career, I just always knew since I was seven that I wanted to go into some sort of computer related profession.

    I asked my Mom around high school what major would match that, and she said Computer Science. Thus I'm now in CS.

    While at college, I realized that I really want to be a professor, since I'm really pissed off with how the current system works. I also think that a lot of professors are simply lecturers and not teachers, and many could care less about their students. Thus my goal is now a PhD and a professor job in CS or a related field.
    The probability that I was procrastinating when I was typing this post:

    P(have big assignment due) = 0.6
    P(posting on TypoC) = 0.2
    P(having big assignment due | posting on TypoC) = 0.7

    P(posting on TypoC | having big assignment due) = .......

    Eh, I'll finish it later.

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