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    oh, but economics is very math intensive though!! You should look at some of the more complicated formulas that predict interest rates

    point being, its useful in so many fields, you're justified in learning calculus even if it isn't apparent that you'll use it

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    Hey Hap,

    If you're not thinking of going into math intensive programs (Math, Statistics, Engineering, Physics), then I think you should do AP just to get the course requirements out of the way early. Again, check the transfer requirements of the universities you're planning to enter. Very important indeed.

    Going without AP isn't really a hardship. There isn't a proper AP program at my high school. So before first year (freshmen) I've never touched calculus before. But compared to people who did go through AP/IB calculus, I was pretty much caught up halfway in Calc 1. Essentially AP math isn't the equivalent of a college math course. However it'll likely cost you less (tuition wise) to get the credit via AP if you're unlikely to be touching that stuff again.

    Note on economics.
    Depending on which side of economics you wish to enter, you might need calculus. One side is mathematical... modeling supply/demand, growth etc. The other side is more psychology related... consumer perception, behaviour etc.
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