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Thread: Good argument?

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    What is Dead Man on Campus?

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    You only have one failsafe option.

    Go to your school's registrar and ask for the forms to request a MEDICAL WITHDRAWAL.

    In your case it definitely applies. Your roomate tried to kill herself, you were traumatized by this, your grades slipped as you were affected by stress/depression/etc.

    You will most likely have to go to a physician (MD) and explain your circumstances and have them sign the form.

    Go to a PRIVATE physician, not the school's, and don't go to a ARNP or PA, it needs to an MD in most cases.

    Once your forms are done, you submit it to the registrar and are usually awarded a MEDICAL WITHDRAWAL. All of your classes for that semester will be "W" and none will affect your GPA. You WILL NOT be on academic probation next term. You might even get your tuition refunded...I did when I filed for one 15 years ago.

    Life can be a real bitch, and there is no need for you to penalized academically when hard times fall on you.

    Good luck.

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