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    Default Job Suggestions for Uytuun

    Taken from my post at INTPc...

    The time has come to ponder what I want to do next year. I applied for a PhD scholarship, but I consider it unlikely for me to actually be awarded the scholarship. This thread is for non-academia. I have only a vague notion of what is out there and am trying to gather as much information as is possible...I would like to hear your opinions on what would be a suitable job for me. Plus this way I write stuff down for myself.


    *MA English and German Linguistics and Literature (magna cum laude); MA Literary Studies (don't know yet, probably the same) (<Belgian uni)

    *languages: -Dutch, English, German, French
    -basic: Spanish, Polish
    -(Latin), (Ancient Greek)

    *awesome interpretative and analytical/critical skillz honed to perfection by my years at uni ; particular sensitivity when it comes to stories of any sort ; good people reader ; Ni pattern recognition: "knows" how things will unfold (most of the time )

    *work style: confident (but not aggressive), somehow I combine strategic thinking with stubbornly doing my own thing to the point of my INTJ father regularly freaking out about it being too tends to pan out well, however, as I generally believe in what I do, am critical about myself and project an aura of...well...authority in work situations. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I tend to get what I want...I don't give up, and I'm not afraid to open my mouth and face difficult conditions. Depending on the environment, you'll see more or less Te.

    *not service-oriented or too people-focussed, but do emphatically want to work with colleagues etc...I would like to learn from other people... I get along with most people, would prefer a non-SJ-heavy environment

    *long history of conferences, exchanges, summer courses etc. abroad...I am particularly interested in internationally-oriented jobs or jobs abroad (Australia seems to be very welcoming ) Do you guys know of agencies that specialise in those kinds of jobs?

    One of the conferences I went to was about the concept of Europe as a knowledge society - I greatly enjoyed participating in it and adding to the discussion (and shutting up the CEO of Nokia when he was trying to smooth-talk us ) , proposing a course of action and envisioning a campaign etc.

    *I would also enjoy working in a more traditionally creative environment...writing scenarios etc.

    *need challenge and external stimuli and possess a decent amount of ambition, but am not prepared to make my job my life. I am happier when I feel included in a support system (family, group of friends...) and would like to have the time to maintain that (also: alone time).

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    Wow. How will you choose between all these great ideas?

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