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    Quote Originally Posted by Poimandres View Post
    Numbers put measures on things, whereas words expand and can take on multiple dimensions, thereby rendering words vastly superior!
    dimensions are a mathematical construct

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    I think "useful" and "real world" need to be defined more clearly for me to give an opinion.

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    I'd probably go with math, if you're including everyday math like adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing. Higher level math probably isn't directly useful to most people in an obvious way although higher maths are used in science and engineering careers to bring us the technologies many of us take for granted.

    Writing is important but you can have communication via other means. You can communicate orally and pass down information that way. You can also get the message across through non-verbal means.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gauche View Post

    We have SJs for that dirty work with math.
    Even the higher level maths?
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