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    very kinky poem
    very, if you read it that way!
    Look into my avatar. Look deep into my avatar...

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    Sorry for the late reply but my current access to the internet is only sporadic at best.

    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    I think if Wagner and Strauss are hot chicks it is perfectly fine
    Oh, they're sizzling all right.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmail! View Post
    I would not exactly agree on this. This language is rather husky and guttural, and it's no wonder it is used to tame dangerous animals.
    I had no idea it was used as such but have you looked at it from a different viewpoint? That it's a calming influence on berserk creatures due to it's inherent beauty and the way it rolls off the tongue.

    Quote Originally Posted by ragashree View Post
    That seems pretty cool, actually, at least with me It's generally the sort of reason why I bother with such things!

    I don't know much about German or opera, actually, but there are a few worthy exceptions -and there just popped into my head as I was responding *have to look up for some of the spelling, phooey*

    Chorus Mysticus:

    Alles Vergangliche
    ist nur ein Gleichnis;
    das Unzulangliche
    hier wird's eireignis,
    das unbeschreibliche
    heir ist's getan
    das Ewig-Weibliche
    zieht uns hinan.

    Something like: All that is transitory is but a symbol/ all inadequacy here is fulfilled/the indescribable here comes to pass/the eternal feminine leads us upwards.

    Conclusion of Mahler's 8th, and also Goethe's Faust
    Aaah, Mahler.

    To paraphrase St Thomas Aquinas, "After you have heard Mahler, everything else is but mere straw."

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