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    Quote Originally Posted by Anja View Post
    Yes, I'm running into this as well. Sort of scary, innit?

    Maybe an effort to make "old and boring" literature entertaining/applicable to RL? I can just hear the moans and cries, "Why don't you teach us something that means something?"
    Gak. Old and boring literature? I always thought the old and boring stuff was actually the most exciting stuff. The only modern literature that I'd enjoy today is probably stuff that emphasizes the culture of the decades that I love the most. Old literature has readily-viewable themes, motifs, etc. Although, the only book that has ever made me cry is "Still December." That was quite a good modern book.

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    It just depends. Most were friendly but a bit out there. One liked to talk about the meaning of life, love and death. Others were very by the book. Also, very literal to very abstract. I kind of want to become an English teacher, haha. Most people don't consider me "weird, bitchy, crazy, angry, off the handle, marbles missing, vindictive, egotistical, liberal". haha Well, maybe a bit weird but usually in a good way. Maybe there is hope.

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    High school:
    Mr G - loved the sound of his voice. Immensely.
    Mr Ludeki - loved to hear himself talk. Arrogant beyond measure.

    Ms G - exactly as the OP described.
    Ms Anne - sweet but unbelievably patronising.
    Dr A - exactly as per OP's description.

    They seemed to like me though and let me get away with late submissions... etc

    I'm sure cool English teachers exist. I just haven't had the good luck to be taught by one yet. I almost majored in English. I wonder what my students would have thought of me.

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