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Yeah; what I found valuable in this lesson is that it testifies the truthfulness of the signalling approach to education over the human capital theoretical background; I am absolutely certain that my education has been much more useful in providing skills, yet I get chosen on the basis of my working experience. Funny.
It is amusing... but... I actually agree with it. Even though you say that you learnt more from your education, others have no idea if you have... The general thought is that it takes up to two years to retrain someone once they are out of school (although I suppose this really depends on the degree), at least. It's not so bad if you want a more generic clerical job, but even then, I'd guess it would take a year. Seems about right around here, anyway.

This became horrendously obvious once I was working and going to school. It was ironic, had to submit my resume for one class, and had to respond to the signal theory (for myself) in another... The only reason for me to do it is the glass ceiling. Do I gain something? Sure. A marginal something. I'm taking science math as my electives simply so I take courses that I can use in my hobbies. That's how bad it is.

So, yah... I would absolutely hire you over other students based on that heuristic and have no qualms about it.