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I think it's important to visit the college before deciding to attend, and to take the size of the college into account with the personality of the student. I had great experiences at both my colleges (Rider University for undergrad, Syracuse University for grad), but I would not have been ready for the size of Syracuse as an undergrad...it would have eaten me up. Rider was a small school with a 5,000 member student body that was about half commuters. It was just right for my personality at the time. By the time I went to grad school I was ready for the experience of a humongous university.
Thanks for your thoughts, FM. It's funny, the rather high-strung daughter of a friend of mine is waiting to hear from Syracuse; she's interested in musical theater. Fortunately, she has a number of other choices in the wings, too.

Chicago might not be a good fit for my daughter. We'll have to see when and if she's accepted. She seems to be leaning toward large universities vs. small liberal arts colleges. Not sure why; she's never even been away from home to attend summer camp. But a lot of growth takes place between 16-18; I knew a girl who went to Italy for the last two years of high school who'd been a very reluctant day camper. She loved it!