In countries where women have the maximum freedom and choice, women do not choose STEM. Many more women in Scandinavian countries freely choose work involving relationships and hands on work like nursing or medicine.

This is partly explained by most women having superior verbal ability over men, and women have superior relationship skills more the men, and the women have been practising their relationship shills from primary school, where most men only take an interest in relationships after puberty.

What is interesting is: what does this mean for the ideology of feminism?

At first the feminist reply is that this is a paradox, the STEM paradox. And of course it is a paradox because it flies in the face of gender equality. And it does, as it shows women are superior to men in verbal ability and relationships.

And this leaves a forbidden door open to asking: how are most men superior to most women?

And we can't even think this, because it is a thought crime.