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    Quote Originally Posted by ENFJ_Catholic View Post
    There's nothing like resurrecting old threads.

    What type would be better to take care of the recruiting side of things? Would it be that you're by default more introverted? Or is it just that its incredibly time consuming?
    I think in my case, being an introvert does play a part in not being so enthusiastic about recruiting. It is not so much the actual interview that I don't like but rather having to meet so many people and interact with them! When I first started conducting interviews, I would get a sick feeling before every interview. Not sure which type would be most suited for recruiting, but I would think ENFJs, perhaps.

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    I suppose...
    "In the end it is not a matter of reason; it is a matter of love." - St. Thomas More

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    ENFP here.... In HR for 9 years now with large corporation. What I hated was the pencil pushing for all of the STUFF you do in HR..... I was in charge of Worker's Comp, FMLA, vacation, time & attendance,employee events, affirmative action, record keeping, recruitment and hiring.... All of the detail shit for 400+ ee's + multiple locations. ENFP's are not detail people. And I did not get a Masters in HR so that I could push a pencil...... (However, it was a valuable learning experience). Also as an ENFP, my talents lie in the associate relations and recruiting areas.

    I have been a Corporate Recruiter for 5 years now and I love it. I am excellent at spotting possibilities and putting the right person into the right job. It is not a good job for an introvert. Heavy people interaction, lots of phone and face to face interaction. I will even call in to other companies and canvas leads. You need to have the gift of gab and actually become energized by all of the multiple people interactions going on. I have had years at my company where I have filled over 100 positions by myself..... Engineers, Customer Service, Mid to Upper Level Managers, Operations Managers, Sales Reps, etc... A little slow at the moment, but now I am doing work for other divisions.

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    I never worked HR directly. But did the finance side.

    There are many different departments:

    -Benefits & Compensation
    -Employee Complaints/Litigation

    HR comes in many different flavors for all types.
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