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Thread: Fine Type Me Genius

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    [YOUTUBE="CfnizRqgh5Y"]Warriors of the World[/YOUTUBE]
    I'm going to sound like a big nerd right now but the part with the first guy in the very beginning that was just standing there as the troops were charging in front of him was cool.

    second guy, eh.

    Was that a video game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    I'm going to sound like a big nerd right now but the part with the first guy in the very beginning that was just standing there as the troops were charging in front of him was cool.

    second guy, eh.

    Was that a video game?
    The one with the guy standing there as the troops go by is Lineage II.
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    cool, I want to get that

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    Several video games, actually, dont know them all but mostly World of Warcraft.

    The song is by Manowar . They made my youth
    Johari / Nohari

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Introversion (I): 9 versus Extroversion (E): 14
    Sensing (S): 7 versus Intuition (N): 18
    Thinking (T): 17 versus Feeling (F): 5
    Judging (J): 16 versus Perceiving (P): 5

    Making your MBTI code:

    E N T J

    Is it possible to be internally ENTP and externally seen as ENTJ?

    I think I am a P when others arent around or people are pushing my J capabilities. I have learned to plan ahead for my P time. I hate having to stop for little details.

    Or is it just that people are more governed by their temperments but the character aspects can vary in circumstance?
    Can identify with this. I also confuse people becuase my INTJ comes out as INTP sometimes its a 50/50 so confuses the hell out of people
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    Have you considered ESTJ with a well-developed tertiary Ne?

    From our Vent convo, and the rationalizations of your arguments, they're more Te than Ti. I don't really get Ti from you.

    However, I do see some Ne.

    What's Ne and Te? --> ESTJ (ENFP is out because I don't see too much Fi from you, you let things roll off your back pretty easily with Vent users, I dunno about your interactions IRL though....however, I do remember a few times you did vent about your personal issues, with family members, and how much they irk you...but that can be anyone, not really indicative of Fi preference in general)

    Dunno. Meh.

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    I am pretty sure I am an N. I just don't have the SJ mindset or values at all. If I was an S it would be an SP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    I admit I was trying to make myself sound good by the standard answer
    This and your posting style makes me think of EsTj.

    A poll would've been nice...

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    I do not relate to the SJ mindset at all. I would see myself as ESTP before ESTJ.

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    I'd say ENTJ. The rebellious thing you've got going is pretty common for ENTJ females who don't really fit into the norms of society.
    Also, your life problems are pretty much ENTJish. At least the way you go about dealing with them. I recognize myself in it a lot.
    You're not mellow enough for an ENTP. You do the steamroller thing, too. ExxPs are mostly obnoxious.
    In fact... I remember talking to you on a few occasions where you commented your real world surroundings in a way that no perceiver ever would.
    Little things ticking you off very J-style.
    I'd say you've got a well-developed but learned Se that comes across when you're trying to fit in. Talking to you one on one is a whole different matter.
    Your brain is weird, but awesomely so.

    I understand people who would have a hard time typing you, because you are often angry, you try to fit in more than you actually need to and thus plays different roles whereas you're quite different the few times i've been anywhere near under your skin.
    You give me about a similar intuitive vibe as Kangirl, somehow.

    I think it points to ENTJ, if there even is such a thing as type.
    Your behavior pattern is kind of consistent with it... Especially when you seem like you're being "yourself".

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