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    Quote Originally Posted by murkrow View Post
    mutually exclusive. no?
    That's not the determinant factor.

    There are other things that go on in my life.

    Consider that possibility.

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    I think there is a good portion of truth in your statement. During the times I've tested as an INTJ or an INFJ, I really feel like my life reflected the changes that I made or were working towards.
    Yes, the thing is I have myself undergone this change, from INTP to INFJ, and also developed my Fi in the process (which I don't really use today, but still...), so I just speak from experience. This - - was my first post in this forum, maybe you can relate. =)

    Or is this completely bunk? Is one born a type and forever remain that type?
    This seems to be a very common understanding on all kinds of personality matrices, and I think it's depressing. As I see it, the most important condition for change is actually wanting it and realizing it's important. It can work in the MBTI system in particular, as basically, the functions only tell you about your approach to life, and this is of course something you can influence yourself.

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