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Thread: What am I?

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    I believe your type is ISTJ. The J is the most obvious in your posts, then T. There is some indication of S and I didn't see anything to suggest N. You have already determined that you are an introvert.

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    I/E - 100% I

    S/N - Fuzzy data,May,Might,ish,imaginative,ambiguous = give me nightmares. I know conversations and events that happened 20+ years ago.

    T/F - If a task needs to get done, i try and get it done asap, so i have the freedom to do what i want/feel like doing. I need to be hit over the head verbally to be told how you are feeling and what you want done. Body language alone does nothing

    J/P - You will never see me purposley or probably even accidently late. It will fester atleast inside if you are late inspite of you telling me a time.Interruptions of any kind aren't welcome.if you ask me to do a task, don't help I can get it done myself. I have "what i want to do's" somewhat planned after my "what i have to dos" but the wants aren't dire so it may not happen. I am a seen it, done it lets move on guy.

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    I believe you are an ISTJ. You show signs of high Si and Te and seem very similar to my best friend who is also an xSTJ
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    ISTJs are generally more outgoing than INTJs though, so I lean towards INTJ.

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