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Thread: PICK ME PICK ME! jk (kinda) I'm not sure if Ne-dom or Fi-dom (ENFP v. INFP) Help??

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    Quote Originally Posted by five sounds View Post
    introverts make me feel like a loud crazy person USUALLY, and MANY extroverts make me feel like a low energy wallflower ALWAYS.
    ^THIS (bold is mine).

    Overall, this is making more sense to me now, thanks to everyone's replies.

    I still need to retreat after a few hours of being around people though, and it feels good taking a break. That coupled with the fact that I over-analyze everything until nothing is left are the main reasons I have always figured I was introverted.
    [insert cute yet sarcastic one liner.]

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    I agree with everyone, you sound very ENFP-ish. Same with Abbey the moment I saw the title of the thread I was kinda clued in, then I read your post and was like definitely. I do think a lot of ENFPs can seem introverted, it's quite interesting.
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