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Thread: What is my type?

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    If you identify with INFJ so much and have so much conviction regarding typing yourself as such, I would assume you probably are INFJ. These types don't waver much regarding what type they are from what I understand.

    Have you considered that maybe your Se is coming out around them because you're uncomfortable? Se is the inferior function for INFJ. That may also be why you have some Se interests as well; guilty pleasures, if you will.

    Just my opinion, but I hope it helps!
    [insert cute yet sarcastic one liner.]

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    Thanks! Where could I find a questionnaire?

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    Oh, Thanks! I really haven't gotten into enneagram at all. When I took a test I ranked highest in 2&4. I think third was 1 but I don't remember, it's been a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacobman77 View Post
    Thanks! Where could I find a questionnaire?
    Questionnaire Compilation Thread

    Just pick one you like
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacobman77 View Post
    Why does that matter for typology? We are good, communication isn't great but we get along. He is an ISFP
    Sorry, I thought you meant your father was ENFJ. I read it too quickly.

    Perhaps you can use this.
    Socionics - - Benefit relations
    Basically if this ENFJ family member claims you're ESFP, that means he's your Benefactor. If you're the Beneficiary, you show admiration for this person that he does not reciprocate, and he may even become hostile or authoritative over time. If this isn't the way the relationship with your ENFJ partner works, one of you may be mistyped.

    But if this does check out -- then you probably are ESFP.

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    1. What makes me angry?
    I am angered by the dullness of modern day society. We have killed most of nature and now we sit in ivory towers founded upon the dead. If you don't fit the appropriate mold of society you become an outcast and there is nothing you can do about it. What makes things worse is that people don't listen to logic and the don't care enough to change it so we are all trapped in a prison that we can't escape. Everyone is useful, not just those with degrees.

    2. What do I like/ dislike about people?
    I like people that are honest and kind. We have so much potential to help others and be free. You don't have to pretend everything is okay and in fact, fake people bother me just as much as the jerks out there. Power is an illusion and if we could all just sit down and be honest, we could take back the planet but what makes me sad is that I honestly can't see that happening.

    3. Do I like animals? Why?
    I like animals but I care more about people. That isn't to say I would stand by while some monster abuses their pet. I like animals because they can teach us things and they are one of our last few links to nature. How boring would life be if we somehow figured out how to live without animals and all we had were business men? I don't know about you but I wouldn't wanna live here anymore.

    4. What do I like most about my favorite people in life?
    First, I love real honest people that don't freak out when discussing the REAL topics that most people avoid. Second, I go the extra mile for my friends and people that I like are ones that thank me and don't take advantage of me. Third, I like positive people that can help me see the good around me because I tend to overthink everything and I can be pessimistic if in a bad mood.

    5. What do I like/dislike about myself?
    I like that I am generous, a hard worker, intelligent, honest, reliable, great debater, very knowledgeable, very kind, always building up others, and that I can handle more than most people. I don't like that I can be awkward, have a hard time finding friends, am very hard on myself, I can be too rigid, I get depressed easily, I am very sensitive, and I feel like even though I give more effort than sometimes two or more people, I am just not accepted as "part of the group". In person I have times where I am very smooth but other times where I am awkward. I think this could be a Ni-Ti loop because I reprocess the same info again and again and again until I socialize.

    6. Do I care about being fashionable? Why or why not?
    I care very much about being fashionable because that is what is valued in Southern California. I dress comfortably but always unique and true to myself. The colors go well together and my clothes fit well. I didn't care as much when younger.

    7. Do I prefer to fit in or stand out?
    Stand out. I don't over do it though. I dress according to the situation with a few personal touches. I don't let others decide how I am, although I can become very proper or very down to earth depending on the audience but always REAL.

    8. What do I like to do?
    I enjoy hiking, being in nature, playing music, drawing, martial arts, writing, reading, and spending time with friends.

    9. What makes me feel secure?
    Being alone in nature and relaxing away from all the business and stress of modern day life. I like when people encourage me because I really don't get it enough honestly.

    10. Do I like being in a relationship? Why or why not?
    I like relationships that are peaceful and that include support. Knowing that you would die for someone and them for you is a great feeling.

    11. What do I love and why?
    I love Jesus, I love people, I love nature, I love learning, and I love philosophy.

    12. What do I spend the most time thinking about?
    I probably spend the most time thinking about theology because serving God is my life goal. Aside from that, I think about what things could be and where things are leading.

    13. How have I changed over the years? Who was I as a child?
    I haven't changed much really. I still love fun and I am really energetic, however, maybe I have gotten a bit more serious on the outside. During high school I was definitely much more serious than as a child. Anybody that really knows me knows that I really care about them and accept them and I'm actually a really warm person that can't even insult people. People on the outside may see me as standoffish but that is just because I like to get to know someone through observation before I meet them.

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    That's a good point! My hyperactive awkwardness is more of a defense for when I'm uncomfortable and actually is partially why I'm skeptical. I can say without a doubt that I have experienced what 100% Se feels like and it happens rarely in random times. It usually is really fun and goes by fast, then I need to take a break. I can't imagine what it is like to be that all the time. Usually I am focused inwards and my Se friends are saying "Did you see that?" I usually miss whatever it is and get accused of going into my "Jacob Zone". People tell me to snap out of it.

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    That's interesting. My dad is ISFP, my step mom typologist is ENFJ and that is not at all the nature of our relationship.

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