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Thread: Need help figuring out my type

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    Arguments for J:
    - I keep my stuff neat & prefer it that way
    - I'm on time or early to appointments
    - My family says I can be demanding
    - I'm uncomfortable without my future planned out. My friends thought I was weird that freshman year I had my whole grad plan filled out for all 4 years.
    - I like closure (like figuring my type out once & for all)

    Arguments for P:
    - I like new experiences, & I'm always up for trying new things
    - I'm bad at writing things down or keeping an itinerary, therefore I sometimes miss important things because of it
    - I can be late a lot to class (it's always do, however, to either stress, waiting on a friend, or being in a conversation with a friend & not wanting to cut them off)
    - I've changed my major in college multiple times

    It seems these basically cancel each other out. lol Opinions?

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    Can you explain further your reason for Fi?

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    This entire thread screams XSFJ to me.

    Your favorite color is orange.
    Your favorite movie is this...
    You like this thing, that thing, not nearly as many ideas...

    Definite sensing preference.
    Definite judging preference.
    Definite Fe.

    Given the information provided, I would say ESFJ.
    And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
    Don't buy into stereotypes.

    Seconds would be either ENFJ or INFJ, in which I see no N-preference here.

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    Default Thoughts

    Don't scrutinize me if my understanding of the functions within myself aren't perfect. I'm good at typings others, just not myself.

    Se- Really into aesthetics, love sports & have good hand-eye coordination, never miss anything people say (even in group conversations), loves daring things, I like trying new foods

    Si- backflashes to bad things in past (past mistakes, embarrassing moments), interested in health, miss things I used to do with old friends

    Ne- I can be really random wacky & make silly comments out of nowhere, I sometimes hear something & then roll with it comparing it to something else as a joke, I like new experiences (Ne or Se, though?)

    Ni- I can read people, I can tell when someone's being fake, I get insights that come true, I'm attracted to things that are mysterious, I sometimes just know things, I get moments where I think I'm psychic, I picture things in the future a lot

    Ti- I think a lot in my head, I stare into space while thinking, I analyze everything, it's not enough hearing that I have to or should do something I have to know why, I ask people lots of questions, I constantly re-evaluate things, I like to take things apart before putting them back together

    Te- I sometimes like organizing & putting things in order (like separating my CDs & DVDs by artist or having them in alphabetical order)

    Fe- I like to take care of other people's feelings, other people's moods greatly affect me, I can't stand rude people, I can very easily read people's emotions, my facial expressions are animated, I know how to work people

    Fi- I like to be true to myself, I care about causes I relate to, I put individuals above groups, I can't do something that doesn't feel right to me, I can't go against what I want for myself

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    Thoughts based on what I think I display?

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    No one? lol

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    Is it normal to not be objective enough to figure out your own type?

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    You're probably in the SP temperament, but you just gotta figure out your communication style: initiating v. Responding, directing v. Informing. I had a hard time typing myself too even now I can't even figure out if I'm enfp or infp, and I'd appreciate any thoughts you have
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    Quote Originally Posted by xpeacexrainbowx View Post
    You're probably in the SP temperament, but you just gotta figure out your communication style: initiating v. Responding, directing v. Informing. I had a hard time typing myself too even now I can't even figure out if I'm enfp or infp, and I'd appreciate any thoughts you have
    Thanks. I like your username, btw. I looked through the communication styles when I first joined. DisneyGeek ended up suggesting IxFJ from that, but it just doesn't seem fitting. Maybe I should elaborate on my answers, like why I chose what I did, because it was a close call for me with a lot of them.

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    I'm honestly pretty bad at typing people, too. I just tend to get "vibes" (like you mentioned in my poll) which I know is a terrible way to actually type someone. Though it's not all based on vibes, obviously--I do my best to pick out behaviors, but overall I'm an amateur. vibes are telling me ExFP.
    I don't mean to pry, but why would you even make the eyes?


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