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    The Green Jolly Robin H.
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    You have been far too savvy with me in terms of saying the right thing which often times is a pressure release for me an "ahhhh I am not the only one," sort of thing to be an INTP. There are many great INTP's but I find that our interaction is gratifying in a different way than it tends to be with other INTP's. On one hand you are an encyclopedia when it comes to chemistry but your self-awareness when it comes to the contradiction witch is your life and your ability to relate this to the "other" strikes me more of an FE power that is higher up on the chain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Showbread View Post
    And you aren't even an Fe user! That's funny though. I've definitely run over multiple squirrels. If they aren't smart enough to not run in front of my car, I feel no remorse. Natural selection is alive and well.
    I don't know what is worse, the fact that you feel no remorse for that, or your reasoning behind it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evee View Post
    I don't know what is worse, the fact that you feel no remorse from that, or your reasoning behind it.
    @Jennifer used the same reasoning. Maybe we are both just psychopaths.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Showbread View Post
    @Jennifer used the same reasoning. Maybe we are both just psychopaths.
    Maybe you are both just...

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    Wow, impact, I just found a whole thread of 4 pages...!

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    @Hard you are a well rounded ENFJ who can use Ti effectively, so perhaps that's where that is coming from.
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    they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.

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    @Hard, I am pretty sure you are not an INTP. I would also go with ENFJ

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    My thoughts have been penned down by others in this thread, so I'll just add another pointer: @Hard's not concise enough to be Ti dom.

    Just take a look at his blog and you'll see what I mean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Researcher View Post
    Wow, impact, I just found a whole thread of 4 pages...!
    I'd recommend reading it. There are some good arguments there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Well, that was amusing. Thanks for sharing.

    To start with, you're about the least Introverted member I know on this forum. Your extroversion seems to be on a par with Halla. Continuing, you're all about values-judgment (and not as a bad thing).
    Woah really? I definitely consider myself extroverted, but in person I wouldn't consider myself a super extrovert, just a mild-moderate one. If just for the fact that I moderate and watch my behavior very closely. I'd surely never be mistaken for an introvert though, assuming I am not in an unfamilar situation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Showbread View Post
    Yeah, no. I really don't think you are an introvert. For starters you don't even really get a long with introverts. All the INTPs I know LOVE other INTPs. I do think you use your Ti more than other ENFJs, that I will definitely agree with. But, I don't think it's your primary function.

    The fact that you would rather save yourself than others does NOT mean you aren't an Fe-dom. The people typing you seem to think all Fe users are illogical and have no value for their own lives. If this was true we would all be dead from rescuing squirrel's from being hit by cars. I know I would risk my own life for someone close to me, or maybe a child. But, my self-preservation instincts are pretty strong. While I think it is noble and heroic to risk your life saving others, I'm not sure I would do it for just anyone. Also, I told my mom once if I ever had to choose between saving one of my dogs vs. saving a stranger I would probably pick my dogs (I admit this may be a bit illogical). All that to say, you can be a a selfish ENFJ.
    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Kross View Post
    Hard you are a well rounded ENFJ who can use Ti effectively, so perhaps that's where that is coming from.
    Really? I actually think my Ti is fairly crappy. I mean, I can use the basics of it (I sort of need to anyway), but I generally don't think I am good at it. I tend to make far too many leaps and assumptions. One of the best examples of this is when I took Philosophy in college (the course focused on epistomology and metaphysics). I passed with a C+, and the + came from participation in class (as I am always a talker in class). For the life of me, I could not do well. On the exams you had to go through and write out prompts explaining the logic and reasonings behind the theories and ideas, and I just sucked at it. I would always forget to add elements of proof, and I would end up skipping steps usually from not noticing they were important. I understood things fine, and my participation in class made that clear to the professor (she told me), but I just couldn't translate it well on paper. It's the same reason why higher math is/was so hard for me to grasp. I end up skipping important steps and am not able to think through the "if and then" sequences efficiently. I'm also terrible at debate.

    But I suppose if you guys see it then I'm better at it than I think? :noidea:

    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceBaby View Post
    I think at issue here for @Researcher is realizing or acknowledging that functional order does not predicate behaviour. Additionally, functions themselves of course do not operate in isolation. Functions only point to a way of thinking, of processing information, which may or may not secondarily lend itself to the analysis of behaviour. When coupled with a system of emotional motivations, such as enneagram, one can get closer to tying behaviours in. But gauging someone's type from behavioural actions in hypothetical situations - imprecise and misleading.

    For example, it's not the creation of this thread to poll the members that's evidence of Fe, it's the thinking behind the creation of this thread - Hard is essentially looking for a majority consensus (which I might add, I feel sure that he's confident of getting) to slap back this assertion of INTP hard and fast. The external Fe mechanism, this way of thinking about how to address what he feels is a pretty presumptive analysis, is all about objective data gathered from the venue of people, not about a long, Ti-style parsing of "impersonal" logical connection to disprove the claim.
    This is very astute of you, and you're correct all points. Right down to the point of knowing with full confidence what the outcome of this would be. Getting group consensus is one of my biggest go to methods for proving a point, understanding something, and finding a direction. I simply find it that the more minds that think in one particular manner increases the odds of something being correct, and increases and shows direct impact much more easily.

    Quote Originally Posted by Researcher View Post
    Wow, impact, I just found a whole thread of 4 pages...!
    Yup. As I said, I'm not INTP, and as others explained in this thread the way to consider functions is through the motivations and reasonings behind the actions and thoughts. Not the actions and thoughts themselves.
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