Not sure what mine is, I've been doing light research on it but have come across contradictory statements from diff websites. I'm certain I'm a self pres dom, and the two tests I've taken have highly suggested that; one of the tests I did had really close results between the sx + so variants with only a 1% preference of sx. So I guess I want to know what the differences between sp/sx behaviours and sp/so behaviours are, preferably without bias or subjective data.

Also, if someone has questions they'd like to ask me that you think might help me discover it, please share. I do feel like we have all the instincts but just favour some in certain situations.

I'm an INTP, 5w6 - 9w1 - 2w3 as far as I know rn, can't say I'm 100% sure but that's looking most likely atm. If you want to dispute any aspect of my type feel free, but I'm fairly certain it's correct.