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Thread: I really don't know.

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    Default I really don't know.

    I've taken a bunch of MBTI tests the past year or so, and have never come to a solid conclusion on my type.

    I've tested as an ESTP, ENFP, ENTP, INFJ, INFP, ESFP, ENFJ, ISFP and INTP.

    The range of these results seems fucking ridiculous, but I think it has something to do with me being depressed off-and-on my entire life. I am 16. I started seeing the shrink last December when I thought I had ADD because I couldn't pay attention to anything in school, even outside of school. I was consistently tired and disorganized, irritable and had mood swings.

    After 3 - 4 months I was diagnosed with depression by a psychiatrist, and now am on Prozac, and have been since late March I believe. I didn't know how shitty it was until I started feeling better, I'm still not 100%, I dono, stable? But I feel better than I did. So I've pretty much given up on taking these little tests because it's fucked with my head too much and my results are always inconsistent and only match with what I feel at the time.

    I really think the only way to get some accurate conclusions is by asking questions instead of this broad bullshit that I always over think, mostly because every single question always depends on the circumstances.

    For example, "Analyze and critique what doesn't fit with a well-defined principle." No. That depends what the hell it is. I don't do this shit all of the time, only when I'm involved in something in which it is required. Sometimes I don't care, other times I'm very involved. I don't feel comfortable rating myself one out of five, because it's more than likely at times I'll rate it a one and other times a five. Then when I put it in the middle I end up with some bullshit result which doesn't fit me at all.

    Yeah. Questions? Thanks, haha.

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    well you sound like a P at least.

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    You don't have to type yourself right away if you can't decide. Welcome , anyhow.

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    Haha, thanks guys.

    Yeah, I am pretty sure I am a P at least, though I do have my routines and standards.

    I made this thread because I wanted to type myself haha, I've been trying to for a long time and I've been looking at these boards for quite awhile, just hadn't posted anything.

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    You are still young. Some theories say that your type isn't clear until later in your life. Be patient and don't stress about finding your type.

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    This test is pretty straight forward: MBTI Personality Test: Understanding Your MBTI or Myers Briggs Personality Type

    When you take the tests you have to be in as "normal" of a mood as you can, don't answer questions while reflecting back on how you acted during depression because that won't be accurate at all. So, disregarding how you acted during your depression, reflect on how you Most Often act when you are feeling "normal".


    Extraverted Characteristics

    Act first, think/reflect later

    Feel deprived when cutoff from interaction with the outside world

    Usually open to and motivated by outside world of people and things

    Enjoy wide variety and change in people relationships

    Introverted Characteristics

    Think/reflect first, then Act

    Regularly require an amount of "private time" to recharge batteries

    Motivated internally, mind is sometimes so active it is "closed" to outside world

    Prefer one-to-one communication and relationships


    If you relate most with 3 of one side and 1 of the other than the choice is obvious, however if it is 2 and 2 then really try to make sure you are thinking about how you act most of the time and not in the current moment.

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    I'm feeling pretty good for the most part, and I felt I answered pretty honestly and felt that ENxP fit pretty well, and when I'm feeling stable I'm more of a T. So ENTP/ENFP, one of those it seems would be good.

    Seems when I'm feeling worse I tend to score more IxFx ish. Go figure I guess.

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