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Thread: ISTP or INTP?

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    Default ISTP or INTP?

    I've been aware/interested in MBTI for many years but still haven't been able to "settle" on a type, and trying to answer my own doubts has only led to more questions.
    I have a general idea of how the theory works (and have recently been reading a lot deeper into the cognitive functions since the 4-letter system alone doesn't satisfy me).
    But for all intents and purposes, feel free to treat me as a beginner to the field. :p (lack of knowledge is not the same as rejection of knowledge)

    Is it strange to be divided along two different temperaments? Is there something crucial that I'm totally missing which would tip the scale in either direction?
    And, as I've read mentioned (but not emphasized) in some discussions, how can I best tease apart a "true" typing as opposed to situational/societal adaptations?

    Theory Results
    Based on the double-checking guide my interaction style is very "behind-the-scenes" but beyond being "pragmatic," I'm not sure about "abstract" vs "concrete."

    My dominant function is unquestionably Ti (ISTP or INTP).
    In terms of function strength (as per tests from here and here) I am Ti > Te = Si > Ne > Ni = Fe = Fi = Se.
    The fact that (ignoring Te) Si ranks as my next strongest function, as opposed to Se/Ne, makes me suspect that perhaps I am an "unhealthy" person of my type. I ruminate a lot and am likely depressed (or dysthymic).

    From a purely theoretical/"test results" point of view it would suggest that I am INTP but when I go back to cross reference descriptions and the real world, I become much less sure.
    The crux of the matter rests on the definition/applications of "iNtuition."

    According to the Double-checking Guide from these forums, abstraction is "Thinking and talking about concepts and patterns, referencing sensory detail as needed." A lot of websites/descriptions paint Ns as being completely detached from the world, with no referencing of the real world whatsoever.. which is an exaggeration, but I have seen Ns people apply that definition literally when typing others. Where is the dividing line of "sensory detail as needed" versus "focused on sensory detail"?

    A question I would like to ask you guys is whether you would describe this post itself as being more "abstract" or "concrete."

    Based on the descriptions and stacking of cognitive functions ("HOW I do things") I am more INTP (I am constantly looking for underlying reasons/motivations that color an interaction [Ne?] and am terrible with details like remembering someone's face or name, unless they have done or said something to put me on alert or otherwise compel me to pay attention to them.)

    Based on the MBTI type descriptions (mostly my possibly incorrect definition of S vs N; "WHAT things I do") I am more ISTP. It's as simple as changing the way I conceptualize the test questions about "abstractness" to change what test result I get.

    IRL Observations
    • (stereotype) I have good body awareness and an appreciation for parsimony...
      ... but dislike physical activities, risk-taking, adrenaline rushes, etc,. I do like gaming though, especially MMOs with character development/advancement and a tactical element. I have no like/dislike of PvP but prefer slow (or even turn-) based matches, like Magic: The Gathering. I hate shooters, most consoles, and "reflex/accuracy" games that rely on quick actions and clicking precisely with the mouse.
      When confronting a problem I take a step back and spend most of my time turning it over in my mind, before finally (...ideally) coming up with a simple and effective solution that is logical and can be explained to others in terms that they can understand (or at least apply correctly).
    • I have a pessimistic/realist outlook on life and highly dislike social ritual, although I realize I could make my life a lot "easier" if I were to just play along. But I can't (and won't) get myself to do it..
    • I would describe my room as an organized chaos :) I know where everything is, though to the casual observer it looks like I have a hoarding problem.
    • I love "light" coding and formatting such as web design and writing custom macro scripts for the MMOs I play. You can probably see it a bit in the way I've set up this post. :p
    • I read waaaay too much between the lines of what people say and sometimes end up thinking there's something there when there really isn't (and am also very careful in selecting my own word phrasing, in order to avoid giving off the wrong undertones if the other person is reading between MY lines. I have no idea if anyone actually picks up on it though because when I do express sarcasm or contempt in this way, it usually goes unnoticed. [I don't know if that's a reflection of my method of expression or the other person's traits that caused them to be the target of my sarcasm in the first place, though!])
    • In social online gaming situations I tend to be both a good problem solver and innovator. I come up with new tricks that work as well as ways to refine existing tricks. I never lead (I have neither the personality nor the energy/drive), but I'm the behind-the-scenes observer that comes up with ways to take the team to a higher level.
    • I'm not sure if this will change anything, but I am female. I am told that I think/act more like a guy online.

    I'm aware of the stereotypes/online prevalence of Ns and don't think I am unbiased enough to draw any sort of conclusions.
    I'm also aware that as with all labels, there might not be a one-size-fits-all.

    Sorry for the incredibly long post :( I tend to either ramble, or not provide enough information at all.
    Happy to answer any questions.
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