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Thread: xSTP or xNTP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witch View Post
    It's weird but I fit more the 9 description than 7... I know they are kinda contradictory, but I get anxiety a lot if I don't maintain my inner peace. I love to party and being 'wild' does not corrupt this peace. Conflict and 'being pushed', controlled, do.
    Maybe you're an ISTP with a 9 in your tritype.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witch View Post
    Thank you for clarifying! Really appreciated. And yeah i would like that example
    Watch this episode of hell on wheels, or just skip to the parts with the guy who almost got hung at the beginning.
    [If you're parents have comcast or Verizon just get their sign in info and you can watch]

    As blantant an ESTP 7w8 as I can think of.

    For some context, Bohannon (the guy he visits), is ESTP 8w7 who has been through a lot of shit (wife and son killed in War). As a person, he's also extremely mature. All worth noting.

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    ESTP. You don't sound like an introvert to me. I would sooner call you an ESFP than an ISTP. I definitely feel Se.
    7w6 3w2 9w8 so/sx
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