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Thread: Type me based off questions (mostly socionics, but any really)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hard View Post
    Soooooo... yeah I am EIE afterall (subtype Fe). In this case, I wanted to be LSI. It was justified by a rather extensive typing years ago, and it was idealized and saw to be something superior and more efficient and just because I strive for it, doesn't make it actually true. After spending some time over the past few days looking into it, EIE is who I am. Both the good and the bad aspects of it fit, and when I admit that I am far emotional than I like to think I am, and that despite how much structure and rule oriented I am, it's also paraxoically squishy/manipulative. My 1w2 was coloring this, leading to think it was LSI. So yep, I'd say this is solved. For now at least, unless something else gets brought up.

    It was Aleksei that typed you LSI way back on PerN wasn't it? I remember everyone fought it too.... lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post

    It was Aleksei that typed you LSI way back on PerN wasn't it? I remember everyone fought it too.... lol
    LOL! That picture is fantastic. It was him and two other people, one I am still friends with (and has since left socionics behind). I remember the name, I have no memory of what he was like .
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    short short personality test:

    Are you:

    A. an extrovert, or
    B. an introvert

    C. a sensor, or
    D. an intuitive

    E. a thinker, or
    F. a feeler

    G. a judger, or
    H. a perceiver.
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    Try ESE

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