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Thread: How did you discovered your type?

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    Took a simple test, related to it a lot and researched it a bunch. Google led me to this site in a lot if my searches so I decided to join. From there, I found out about other systems and explored those too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fghw View Post
    That's why its in the What's my Type? forum.

    (Why is there no Wonka emoticon?)
    It's on this forum because;
    1. You're asking yourself "What is my type?"
    2. Maybe from your stories I'll have a little more idea of how discovering my type.
    3. I had no idea where else to post this thread, haha.

    Quote Originally Posted by LadyLazarus View Post
    Oh! I also made a human sacrifice to Conan O'brien. I think it may have been the key actually. I take everything I said in my last post back.

    If you want to find your type make a sacrifice to a mildly famous, dance-y ginger.
    Oh, you're right. Thank you so much! Do you think George Weasley will accept my human sacrifce, or is he too ficitional?

    Thank you guys so much for sharing your stories with me!

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    I originally tested as INFP. Since then, my relationship with typology, as a whole, has remained tenuous. I see my typing as an approximation, but I really came to terms with Fi and Ne after reading Jung's Personality Types.

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    It took quite a while some of which was a lack self-honesty, others parts related to the distortion of types. My belief that my inability to deal with reality was an intuitive trait; rather than a normal human failing. I finally released not too long ago that my resemblance to Russian housewives was unmistakable, and my deep love of cookies really just clinched it for me.
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    The identification was immediate on both mbti and Enneagram, but I spent some time interacting with people with similar typings (who seemed to be correctly typed) to see if their thought processes seemed similar enough

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    I took tests online, with varied results. It was confusing at first, even when I began reading about functions. :P Learning enneagram helped clear up some confusions. Actually I think exposure to both theories made me more conscious of how I function. After more readings and introspection, I realized I'm definitely an Fi-dom sensor.

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    Fortune cookie.
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    Oh yeah, on a forum I used to be a member of (before I got kicked out by butthurt mods for "misogyny", lolol) which had nothing to to with personality there was a thread about MBTI, I came out as INTJ.

    I didn't care much for it at the time but this year I started to get a bit more interested in personality so did further research into it. I always had difficulty as I come out as INFJ on tests due to having high Fi and experiencing strong emotions internally (it's also why I have a Type 4 Enneagram) but I don't relate to the idealism of INFJs. If I don't think an idea will work in practice - and I look for any potential consequences in the long term more than short term probably - I reject it.

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