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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    I must be way too complex to be analyzed, I guess...
    guess so, I am starting to mix up the type your porn star thread with the Mistyped MBTIc Members thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    I think it is an INP thing. I am much, much more fluent in writing than speaking. I am a radically different person in person. Getting on the web was the best thing to ever happen to my Ne!
    Actually, I can see that.

    Which is, further, why face-to-face/Skype time would shorten threads like these to about a page and a half. Biographical information, writing patterns, observable thought processes and certain value judgments can corroborate a declared type or suggest another one; but nothing's quite like the real thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dissonance View Post
    edahn as ENTP makes sense.

    hap definitely seems INTJ.

    oh and DD -- you mistyped yourself?

    you seem pretty INFJ to me.
    I still greatly idenitfy with INFJ. It was gauging the I/E that's the issue. I'm wondering if years of childhood abuse, being sick and depressed might've altered my natural progression for whatever type I might've become if not INFJ. Meh.

    I might've jumped a little too quickly with determining ENFJ, though. Even though I'd been wondering for a few weeks now, I somewhat had a burst of inspiration while reading the profile. It just fit. However, I have been...changing...lately... I'm going to take a while to observe myself over the coming weeks as I have no choice but to interact with a lot of people and I haven't been truly social for years, really. I'm curious as to how I'll behave.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Does this seriously surprise anyone? I never bought introversion for you for a single second!
    Aha! I thought so!

    I'm much more lively and extroverted on the forum than I am in RL, definitely. At least I was when I first joined I was bursting with energy. It spewed forth through my fingertips! I have to say it was rather embarrassing to realise just how bad it was, after some time, as I'd just gotten over a small bout of depression and isolation. It was probably unnoticed but I left for a short while to recharge. I feel as though I've calmed down again. It was a good release.

    I'm fairly quiet (I know @@) in RL. I can be shy but that's normally if I haven't interacted with people for some time. I find that I'll eventually need a push to get me going. But I still just might be a low-key E. Meh.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nocapszy View Post
    Who the hell does she keep looking at?


    This was a good thread idea, Jen!

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    This was interesting.

    I was talking to my brother about how I solve problems 2 nights ago and described it like this: I forget about all rules of thumb and principles and just to analyze the situation into its components, seeing conflicts as conflicts rather than right action and wrong actions. Then I advise by breaking down the situation and explaining option in terms of outcomes.

    The quote Ivy supplied
    It is often hard to assign words to the values used to make introverted Feeling judgments since they are often associated with images, feeling tones, and gut reactions more than words. As a cognitive process, it often serves as a filter for information that matches what is valued, wanted, or worth believing in. There can be a continual weighing of the situational worth or importance of everything and a patient balancing of the core issues of peace and conflict in life’s situations. We engage in the process of introverted Feeling when a value is compromised and we think, “Sometimes, some things just have to be said.” On the other hand, most of the time this process works “in private” and is expressed through actions. It helps us know when people are being fake or insincere or if they are basically good. It is like having an internal sense of the “essence” of a person or a project and reading fine distinctions among feeling tones.
    applies fairly well to me. I do have certain core principles that are based on experience, observation of people, and analysis. I relate well to the "balancing of core issues" as well as the last 2 lines about reading people. I think I do that fairly well irl. Maybe I should move some of these posts and start a What's My Type? thread. Thanks for the input everyone.

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    Someone PM me if my name comes up. I can't be bothered reading this thread anymore.

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    Default Edahn is NOT ENFP!

    Edahn, bro, I love you man, but you are not ENFP.

    I'm totally sharing Captain Chick's shock and horror as to these declarations.

    What do people actually think ENFPs are like??? Totally emo?

    Doood -- he's freaking studying to become a BUDDHIST. That doesn't make you ENFP. Or INFP. I'm sure there are tons of INTJs and INTPs and tons of 'S's running around the monastery. If we really want to start breaking down NF/NT stereotypes, David Kiersey the pioneer in understanding people and respecting differences and type theory who had immense respect for INFPs, and he's INTP. I guess maybe that's a compliment that folks think the desire (almost pre-occupation) to know yourself better, be a good person, and be good to other people is strictly and only an NF trait buuuuuuuuuut, no. I would bet good money that a lot of self-help gurus and spiritual advisors are not 'F' but 'T'.

    Arctic Angel, fellow ENFP, made the observation that ENFPs and INTPs have a lot more in common than I was giving credit for. Perhaps that's coming into play right now.

    I do not 'get' ENFP at ALL from Edahn. I don't even really get INFP. In other words, I still get NT from him.

    Did I mention I know a number of INTPs intimately in real life and have known them for years and feel quite familiar with how they internally process as well as interact with the world. They are extremely sensitive people and have a lot emotionally going on inside that they don't share readily IRL. They are quite emo in their own ways. And The interwebz is a medium that allows all that stuff inside outside.

    Also, I think it's unfortunate that people are so caught up in the F/T dichotomy that the concept of trying to bebe 'whole brained' or 'balanced' isn't really explored much on the forum.

    I truly believe Edahn is a T who is working very hard to develop his 'F'. Awesome for him, I totally commend him for the path he's on now. But that doesn't mean his functions somehow switch mid-stream.

    I think the fact there are so many 'ENFP' votes for him is more reflective of the fact that an XNTP working on their 'F' and TRYING to be sensitive and TRYING to be empathetic is almost unheard of and downright unpopular on the forums (mostly INTPc I'm guessing, but also here)

    I would seriously be shocked and further not believe if he said he has started testing ENFP.

    Edahn, I like you just the way you are.

    And you are not ENFP.
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

    "I'm outtie 5000" ― Romulux


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    I've used an argument style similar to Bluewing's. It came from watching too much Seven of Nine and figuring her social style should work for anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jen View Post
    I fight dirty. When conversations get heated with my INTJ husband I resort to sex. Works every time!
    Hahaha. It sure does! For him...
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChick View Post
    Hell no he's not!!!

    Yes, he is.

    I... suppose. Yeah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChick View Post

    He is NOT an ENFP!!!!!
    Yes, he is.

    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    Edahn cannot be an ENFP or INFP in my opinion. I see no evidence of Fi. He has very pronounced Fe to my view. I think he is an NTP who is working hard to developing his Fe.
    He's an ENFP. If he's an ENTP (he's not), he's like a font-size 1 T.

    I knows me some ENFPs, and Edahn is an ENFP.

    I... suppose. Yeah!

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