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Thread: Mostly versatile

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    Default Mostly versatile

    Hello there,

    I longer know for some time now about those "Shadow Process" thingy from . I decided to have the function test, cause I am still searching for adequat verifications of type and personality and I thought those shadow thingy ain't so bad, cause it gives a little party mix to all of the types.

    Well I scored this:

    Cognitive Process Level of Development (Preference, Skill and Frequency of Use)
    extraverted Sensing (Se) ********************************* (33.6)
    good use
    introverted Sensing (Si) *************** (15)
    extraverted Intuiting (Ne) ********************************* (33.8)
    good use
    introverted Intuiting (Ni) ******************************** (32.1)
    good use
    extraverted Thinking (Te) ***************************** (29.1)
    average use
    introverted Thinking (Ti) ************************************** (38.3)
    excellent use
    extraverted Feeling (Fe) **************************** (28)
    average use
    introverted Feeling (Fi) ****************************** (30.1)
    good use

    Summary Analysis of Profile
    By focusing on the strongest configuration of cognitive processes, your pattern of responses most closely matches individuals of this type: ENTP

    If these cognitive processes don't fit well then consider these types: INTP, or ESTP

    Well is there actually some deeper description about shawdow processes. I read a lot in MBTIc about it, but I am still not satisfied ?! And what is it with my result, is that good or bad ? xD
    Johari / Nohari

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    You are an ENTP who strongly uses Ti.
    This means you probably have an incredibly strong preference for T & P but less so for E & N.
    However, you are an ENTP nevertheless.
    MBTI Type: iNTj
    Enneagram Type: 3w4 sp/sx

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