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Thread: What is most likely my enneagram type? 4, 6, 9, ? Instinctual variants?

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    Default What is most likely my enneagram type? 4, 6, 9, ? Instinctual variants?

    I'm not really sure what my enneagram type is :/ my guess is im either a 6 or a 9.. i get 4 sometimes on my enneagram tests.
    - I'm a very passive person and likely to go along with what others want to avoid conflict.
    - I am very sensitive to criticism and i love to be praised
    - I'm not a very happy person and i am obsessed with plastic surgery because i really think i need it
    - I'm very self-centered, I dont think about others very often and i have a hard time truly caring for other people
    - I am also a very negative person, i focus only on the negatives.
    - I procrastinate a lot, tend not to get my work done and I make a mess of everything.
    - I am very, very disorganized and find it hard to stick to plans
    - I am very shy and scared to talk to people. I have no friends
    - I care a lot about what others think.
    - My hobbies are: reading, writing, playing video games, surfing the internet, researching random stuff on the internet, drawing, working out, cooking/baking
    - I hate hurting peoples' feelings, I don't mind being told what to do or being bossed around to a certain extent. I HATE leading people.. or being a leader.
    - I have no confidence and i often underestimate myself.
    - I have problems with saving money..
    - I am very easygoing and dont juge other people, I am also very forgiving and tend to be generous
    - I do like to help people but I'm always afraid i'll do something wrong ..

    What type does it sound is most likely for me? I think I'm a 6 or a 9 (possibly 4 but i doubt it) but I'm not sure which.. also what does it sound is most likely my instinctual variant? I thought i was an sp but someone said i could be an sx/sp instead because i am obsessed with wanting to be good looking and plastic surgery
    Enneagram tritype: 9w8, 7w6,4w3
    Cognitive functions: Fi-Si-Se-Ti-Ni-Ne-Te-Fe

    Ask me questions

    " I don't have the passion anymore, and so remember it's better to burn out than to fade away"
    - Kurt Cobain

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    I think you should just stick with your current type.

    To shift away from typing, I can kind of relate to some of your traits here. Completing mundane tasks doesn't feel at all fulfilling. People also a lot of times aren't accepting enough. It still interesting though to gather outside perspectives, as it can expand our own worldviews. And hey, there's a lot of cool stuff out there for us to experience on the open horizons of computers or the written word and so forth! Breaking boxes open is fun. I guess you should just have more faith in the promise of life. Of course, life sucks a lot too, but it's a chance for us to rise. I think that can make our beings special.

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