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Thread: I know I am an INTP

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    Default I know I am an INTP

    And actually, have always known this.

    Though the characteristics of almost every other intp I meet online make me wish to avoid the identity.

    However, this is much the same way as a person of a third world country or strange sect may wish to disassociate themselves fervently from said stereotypes.

    In reality, you do not need to "seem" like something to be it. Because a healthy person will actively seek to de-emphasize their weaknesses and emphasize strengths they have learnt which are not their "path of least resistance", while scorning attention and praise for their "natural" (sic) strengths.

    As such I would much rather be praised for Se, Fe, Te, Ni, Fi, Si, etc. qualities, than Ne or Ti qualities. Because who wants to be "good" at soemhting which is no effort? Who wants to be told that which they already know?

    If someone questions my Si or Fe, or Se, they hit a mark, however weakly, deep down, on some level. If they question my Ne or Ti, I could not care less, as I know already I am good at these.

    If you believe I am not an INTP, I challenge you to present your evidence!

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    I relate to this, except I'm INFP.

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