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    INFP 9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alcea rosea View Post
    With strong Ti and strong Ne I would say you are INTP. INTP's aren't usually doubtful about their types, so maybe you're INFP after all. And in my own experience, the one's function order + the theory don't always match (the order of functions) but usually the strong functions can help you to define your type.

    INTP = Ti > Ne > Si > Fe
    INFP = Fi > Ne > Si > Te
    INTJ = Ni > Te > Fi > Se
    INFJ = Ni > Fe > Ti > Se

    I would also suggest that you read the descriptions of types and see which one of those seems most like you no matter what the tests say about your type. You are the only one who can decide what's your "best fit type".
    I relate to INTP, INFJ and INFP. INTP - I am philosophical and analytical. I like to break down the problems to understand their principles and I can understand complex theories. I am good in putting my realizations into words and I am good in arguments and explanations. I like to have freedom and I value more real knowledge, than academic degrees. But I am not so interested in physics, or math I better like learning langauge, or break down human/social problems. INFJ- I seek ideas and deep meaning in actions, relationships, behavior... I believe everyone is individual and I really have an intuitive eye on people and usually can very well empathize and understand others. It's a bit more complicated with my own self, but understanding of myself is aslo very important for me. As I wrote alot of people see me as extravert, 'cause I have natural interest in making good relationship with others and I seek for social contact. But I am very private and reserved and usually don't show much from my own self to people. A lot of people know me a lot of different ways, 'cause I sometimes feel like inside of me, I conncect different personalities. I usually can feel what is the group tolerance and need and it's easy for me to adapt and show my other face. I feel better in one on one relationship, than in groups. I have rich inner fantasy and world, but I am reserved in showing it to others. It's easy to hurt me, but I usually hide it as I often feel responsible for other people feelings. I seek for deep inspirations and I love art. I am creative, abstract, imaginative with highly developed intuitive feeling. INFP - I have strong values and I always try to be true who I am inside. I want the world to make a better place and help society/people to reach the better future. I seek for my true self, true path to go... I am usually careless, but when I get excited about something I can be hard working. I seek for values and meaning and I need to see them in the work I do. I have very high ideals and I am a dreamer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polly View Post
    ... Technology itself appears as a bit too cold to me. I much rather work with people, but I can imagine myself involving in research that might help others. I am very sensitive and I need to feel emotional understanding and support from other people. I tend to be melancholic and feeling harmony with my emotionality is very important for me. I try to be nice and kind to other people and being liked by others is also very important for me. I have rich inner feeling world and I often break down to emotional crisis when I am alone. In the end I always make decision based on my feelings.
    No chance a T would say something like this. You're an F for sure. Don't fall into the trap of thinking F-types can't be intelligent and analytical which is certainly not the case. So you can explore around xNFx. Probably xNFP. Is there such a thing as a shy extrovert? I wonder if shyness is masking an E tendency, but you seem to be on the bubble here.

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    Have you read Jung's Psychological Types? I'd recommend reading it and going from there.

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    Well being an xNFP seem to be okay for me, but I started the socionics and I was typed as Ni+Fe or porbably Fe+Ni. I was also told when someone need to understand and belong to such a system as MBTI it's often a sign of strong Fe. I don't really know as for Fe I care about social norms, traditions and I read a lot of books about social ethics, so I care about behaving according to these norms and I also noticed other people how they behave. I am empathic and I really can understand other people. BUT even though I care about social norms, I analyze them and doubt them. I would never do anything that would go against my inner self and my inner feeling and everytime I do something like formal clothing I need to put my own individualistic factor into it as I highly value human's individuality much more, than just being a part of general flow. EDIT: I now have to add this: At our psycholgy class we aslo had to type person if his a dreamer or a realist 90% of my classmates said I am a realist, I told it to my bf and he said the same exact thing, I told it to my mother and she aslo said I never appeard as a dreamer to her. That I am mostly objective in percieving the reality and I am not very emotional. And this is also a boyfriend, my own mother, all of my friends none thinks I am sensitive, or emotional. It seems like everyone view me as rational and objective and I am like WTF?! Am I so wierd in percieving my own self, or is it more my amizing abality to hide feelings? My mother explained me just one great thing now...The reason why she think (and why others might think I am not dreamer, sensitive, or romantic) is that even though I really analyze the reality and think about why things are the way they are and I often try to change it for the better future, my judges and analyzation are objective, not subjective. And I have to agree with my mother... But this I think would mean I am not an Fi? Or?

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