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Thread: Somewhat confused by my cognitive functions...

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    Question Somewhat confused by my cognitive functions...

    And by "somewhat confused," I mean extremely confused. I've taken cognitive functions tests on multiple occasions, but the results always seem to look the same…

    Your Cognitive Functions:
    Introverted Thinking (Ti) |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 14.31
    Introverted Intuition (Ni) |||||||||||||||||||||||| 11.29
    Extroverted Thinking (Te) |||||||||||||||||||||| 10.31
    Extroverted Intuition (Ne) ||||||||||||||||||||| 9.88
    Introverted Sensation (Si) ||| 0.77
    Extroverted Sensation (Se) || -2.43
    Introverted Feeling (Fi) ||||| -3.52
    Extroverted Feeling (Fe) |||||| -4.48
    I'm quite sure I've been answering truthfully, but I persistently end up with the Ti > Ni > Te > Ne > Si > Se > Fi > Fe result, and I'm not sure how to interpret it as far as MBTI types are concerned. If anyone could help me determine what type this would indicate, I'd really appreciate it.

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    I would suggest looking into ISTP, INTP, or INTJ.

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