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    Default Help me start from scratch?

    I've been rethinking my type and decided that instead of getting all tangled up in the types I used to think I was, it might be best to think about all the cognitive functions and do a process of elimination to narrow down types that way.
    The only thing I'm relatively sure about is that I'm an introvert.

    I'd appreciate any insight you have to offer about the cognitive functions or what type(s) I might be!

    (Seemingly) Weak Cognitive Functions:
    Se - no definition of this function has ever resonated with me at all

    Te - completely daunting to me. I appreciate it's value and see why it would help other people, but words like "monitoring" "organizing" and "empirical" give me the willies.

    Ne - the "brainstorming" aspect of iNtuition doesn't seem to describe me. When I generate ideas I don't tend to see a multitude of interconnected possibilities...I do make connections and go on tangents sometimes when I talk and when I write, but that's usually later on in my thought process.

    Stronger Cognitive Functions:
    Fi and Fe - I have a strong sense of right and wrong that governs the way I interact with/treat other people. I have always been concerned with how other people feel and I resent people who don't seem to care about how their actions might affect others' feelings. My instinctive reaction when consuming media is to evaluate whether a character's actions, intentions and traits are good/evil and right/wrong, and think about why.

    Ti - I'm less confident in my grasp of what this really is, but it seems to apply to my need to think something through before I talk about it. This Ti might manifest itself most in my analytical writing process, where I do my best thinking. I'm much better at communicating my ideas and analysis through writing--ask me to talk about something I've thought through by writing, and it'll be difficult but I'll kind of be able to do it. Ask me to talk about something I haven't "written through" (thought through) and I feel totally swamped.

    Ni? - I've always thought I was an iNtuitive type in the past, but Ne didn't resonate and Ni definitions are always so elusive. But to use my writing process as an example: I tend to get an intuitive sense of how I'd answer a question or adress an issue, and once I have that answer or approach, I actualize it using the Ti writing process above. When I look at evidence I get a sense of it's meaning/implications and then break it down to see how I got it.

    Si - I've always had a good memory for facts and trivia. I don't feel energized by the process of memorization, but I tend to remember facts if I think they're interesting or if I'm enthusiastic about their implications.

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    Clarifying my relationship to Se:

    Definitions about being in tune with the outside world and having great sensory perception don't really apply to me--sometimes I'm slightly oblivious to the world around me. I'm not good at identifying smells or describing things I've seen in great detail, and I have a hard time with detailed sensory descriptions in my writing.

    I do, however, have heightened sensory awareness when it comes to certain fears/discomforts: seeing or feeling something like a bug scuttle or something fly towards me makes me hyper aware and sensitive. That kind of sensitivity actually prevents me from being able to relax and enjoy the world around me when I do try to take a moment to enjoy being outdoors and observing the world around me. Maybe I would do that more/be happier if I wasn't so phobic.
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